The Clifford England Monarch

Kathleen and Lois-Plantagenet-Loftus-Littlefield-Clifford  

(Prince-Jordans – Mother and Grandmother.)

Prince is a “Clifford” There is no question.  His moms maiden name is “Clifford” and so is his Grandmothers,  Great-Grandmothers etc… That name in his family, goes all the way back to: “King Rollo” and “William-The-Conqueror”-Norman.  (House of Norman) in Normandy, France! 

The family began around 900 a.d,  with “King Rollo”– “The-King-of -Norway.” They moved to Europe and built the famous “Clifford-Castle” shortly thereafter:  changed the last name from Normane to: “De-Clifford” (Because it was more English sounding.) 

Next, they “founded” or “co-founded” Parliament. (The overseeing government system) that “tells the government what to do.” Parliament is still going strong today   (largely by the most intelligent countries.)  (not every country wants themselves or their  government watched)  so not every country has a Parliament.  

The “Clifford-family” was and still is the “Highest-Ranking” most “Senior-Royal-Family” on the planet.  They are the “Grand-parents” of every royal person in Europe. and every non-royal as well. Only they are more distant.  Why? are they the senior highest ranking line?  Because every Royal-person in Europe came from them. 

The Cliffords married the Plantagenets. and the Wessex family and alot of other families. Those inter-marriages with other royal houses, do count as immediate family. The children of some of those families became heros. while other family lines like the one below became LEGENDS!!!

Lets put this into perspective: If there was a  “Recipe for Royalty,” You  would need to have all the correct ingredients. 

Well. (look at the chart below) they are right here. (This Line (is the ingredients.) (It is the  backbone.)  (It is the Very Heart) of:  “The Tudor family” & “Queen Elizabeth I.”  It “literally” took EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS LINE to make these wonderful royal Kings and Queens. 

This line also made: “King-Thomas Stanley,”  “King  Henry VII”  and “King Henry VIII,” Princess Margaret Tudor.. and this line, made  Prince Jordan. 

THIS FAMILY LINE DID (IN FACT) SAVE THE WORLD!  It is still saving the World. This is “The Champion line!” They are the real reason everyone is free today. Without them, you might not be alive.

So pay close attention, and really study this chart, because this my friends is what saved the world. oh and did we mention, they are getting ready to do it again!!!

(It should be noted!)  The “male-line” of any royal-family,  are the only ones who can inherit royal-titles.  Because, the “male-line” carries the “Y” chromosome DNA from the King. (In some cases) Parliament has allowed the women to obtain and carry titles and pass them on..

Additionally: Every “grandchild” in history has qualified for the throne, because of his/her “Grandparents name(s), – That rule does include Prince Jordan.

From:  King Rollo back to King Rollo

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