The Plantagenet England Monarch

The Plantagenet family was one of the most successful and most feared royal-families in history. Contrary to popular belief,  they were not violent or mean by nature.  (Unless you were a criminal.) They were and still are the law.  They did not tolerate anyone hurting or committing crimes against others. Every one of them, were and still are very highly skilled leaders.

The “House-of-Plantagenet”  consisted of several “Major” Kings and Queen descendants of: “King Rollo” and “William The Conqueror.”

To date (it is said:) there are no more “pure-male-lines” directly to the Plantagenets (however) that is un-true.  Princes Plantagenet family line begins with:  King Henry I, II, III to:  Lord-Edward-Crouchback …

King Henry III:  had a Plantagenet son named: “Edward-Crouchback” and unlike most “Lord-Edward Plantagenet Crouchback”  only had (two) children.  Those two children had children, and today there are approximately 8,000 living descants of: “Lord-Edward-Crouchback.”  “Prince is one of those 8,000 Plantagenets”  In case you missed that:  Prince is One of those 8,000. “Plantagenets!


Prince “IS” a  “Plantagenet”- through (multiple-lines.)

  1. King Rollo 
  2. William The Conqueror 
  3. King Henry I
  4. King Henry II
  5. King Henry III:  (Goes straight to Prince.)
  6. Lord / King Edward Crouchback “Cross-back”



  (Exclusion by (Third Right LAW) The only break in Prince’s family line is:  1700 -1900, when the Plantagenets were sent to america, by: Queen Elizabeth I, to watch over the american prisoners.  The Plantagenet line “reformed” and “reclaimed”  itself and “got back together!”  with the KING-OF-KINGS family:  “Loftus,”  “Clifford” “Littelfield” familes. (With all families arising from the ashes and coming together again in 1970.)  THAT technically “re-instates” the pure-royal  line or the Plantagenet’s.  Today in 2022- Prince is the “Qualified” “All Male” line of:  “Aldrich“-“Littlefield“- “Clifford“- “Loftus“- “Plantagenet”
  1. *(You do not have to look very hard at the photos of Prince,  to see the proof.)

The early “House-of -Plantagenet” line, splits  into many directions that all lead back to Prince.

  1. Maragaret Beaufort  (Grandmother)
  2. Lord Edward Crouchback
  3. and more.
Cadet branches of: “House-of- Plantagenet”
1. House of Lancaster  (Lord-Edward-crouchback)  (Grandfather)

2. House of York

3.  House of Beaufort    (Great-Grandmother)\

and more…

From King Rollo back to King Rollo.

The Legendary: “Clifford-Plantagenet” family-line.

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