The Tudor England Monarch


Prince Jordans ancestry traces back through the many, centuries and royal-family lines, one such line Includes his {Grandparents} the Stanley’s of Ireland.  “King-Thomas-Stanley, “Lady-Margaret-Beaufort”  and  their son (“King-Henry-VII,”) It was “KH7”, that was credited with starting the: “House-of-Tudor.”  but (honestly) It was Prince-Grandfather who started the “House-of -tudor.” We will discuss that in a minute…


Right Now, lets talk about the “House-of-Stuart.”  Everyone on the planet knows, “Her Royal Majesty” -“Queen-Elizabeth I.”  She was England’s most successful and powerful ruler  and she is:  (Prince Jordan’s – Aunt)  (but, more than that)  She was: “Queen-of-England.”  When she passed, sadly, left no children, (that are known to anyone.)  Thus, England had to be transferred to another Royal-House.  It needed to be the “Most-Qualified” next of kin.   “Her-Majesty: Queen-Elizabeth-I”  – selected  her own family.  (PRINCE-JORDANS-GRANDPARENTS) and (PRINCE-JORDANS-COUSINS)  The “Stuart-family” of Scotland.  (YES!) “England” went back to,  another side of  Prince-Jordans-family.


**Note Prince most recent Stuart relative is:  (Lady Elizabeth FitzAlan- “Stuart”)  

and another through marriage: To His Cousin Margaret Tudor. 


The only reason the “Stuart-family” had “right to succession” of England is: They were the Queen Elizabeth I, Cousins.  {“King-James-Stuart-IV”}  of  {Scotland}  (married) “Princess-Margaret-Tudor of {England}.”   

Who is: Princess-Margaret-Tudor?

Her Parents:  King-Henry VII   &  Elizabeth-of-York 

Her Cousins:  Prince-Jordan  and  Queen-Elizabeth I

Her {Grandparents:}  King Thomas Stanley & Marageret Beaufort,

“Lady-Joan-Ghoushill” and “Lady-Elizabeth-FitzAllan – STUART.  

{Those are Prince-Jordan’s Grandparents as well}



King-Thomas-Stanley and Lady-Margaret-Beaufort are (BOTH) vitally important connections between Prince Jordan’s birth-family,  The Plantagenets and  The Tudors.   “Lady-Margaret-Beaufort” is Prince-Jordans-Grandmother  on (two) separate family lines.



How did the “House-of-Tudor” begin?   Prince-Jordan’s Grandfather;   King-Thomas-Stanley,  killed / deposed King-Richard III.    Now, maybe it was the pressure of his brother dying, or maybe it was something else. But the fact is:  King-Richard III,  was apparently-dishonest. He was presumed to have lied, cheated, stole, and murdered two kings  “just so he could be king.”  (Even-Today)  Killing a King or interfering with the line of succession, is CONSIDERED- TREASON! AND IS PUNISHIBLE BY DEATH!  (No matter what country you live in.) 

Because of King-Richard-III  “Ill-gotten-gaines,” (stealing his position) the country would have been doomed and cursed.  So Prince-Grandfather led King-Richard to a “battlefield” and he was deposed for treason.



Without: “King-Thomas-Stanley” there would be:  No Tudors, No King Henry VII, VIII  or No Queen Elizabeth I.  Which means, No Scottish King of England and No Queen Elizabeth II and No World freedom. Prince-Grandfather was extremely vital in our freedom today.  His executive decision, ended all of the wars and Prince is the exact same as his family.


Regardless of who created  “The House-of-Tudor”  It is still  Prince-Jordan’s family. 


1. Margaret Beaufort      (Princes-Grandmother) (by Two- family lines)

2. King Henry VII            (Princes-Uncle)

3. King Henry VIII          (Princes-Uncle) 

4. Margaret Tudor           (Princes-Cousin)

5. Queen Elizabeth I        (Princes-Aunt / Umm / & MORE!


(Chart below for more details)




Question:  Where did the “House-of-Tudor” get all of its Power?  

Answer:  The”Plantagenet-family!


When the official: “House-of-Plantagenet” closed.  Its (cadet-branches) The “House(s)-of-Lancaster” remained open.  When (both) Lancaster houses closed-  The money, power and properties all rolled over – to the next- “Qualified”  family-house.   That family-house was:  The-House-of-Tudor. 


Prince-Jordan’s- Mothers Side: {Maternal}

Prince-Jordans,   “FIRST”   – House-of-Lancaster.

Prince Jordan’s- Plantagenet ancestry traces directly; The special ones in this line are: Lady Maragaret Beaufort and “Lord Edward Crouchback.”  Lord Edward,  was the founder of the “FIRST” (House of Lancaster) he only had (two) children. 

{As a result today,  in 2021}-   He has only  8,000 descendants.  {Prince is one of those 8,000}  Plantagenets!



Prince-Jordan’s – Fathers Side: {Paternal}

Prince-Jordans,   “SECOND”   – House-of-Lancaster.

The (“SECOND“)  House  is also dominated by:  Prince-Jordan’s Family

His Grandparents: “King-Henry  5th  and  6th.” 

Now alot: of people,  Do not know, “King Henry 5th” actually had a daughter (of course he did!)   But, due to wartime sensitivity,  he wanted to protect and hide her.  Princess-Mary (married) Prince-William-Aldrich / The Bailiff-of-York. They have an “all male” line still in existence today.  Prince is one of those in the line.  (If you cannot find the proof) (which you probably wont)- because: “King Henry V” – “changed the laws”-  to hide marriage records and to protect his daughter.   


In Conclusion:  

Prince Jordan’s  “Plantagenet” family-houses:   “The House of Lancaster”  “(One and Two)” “rolled” their properties over  to the “House-of-Tudor.”  Making “The House-of-Tudor” Prince-Jordans, “NEW HOUSE.”  That then became the wealthiest and most powerful house in the world.  (*It should be noted) the “House-of-Tudor” was the  “Third”  largest royal house  in the world.  They are the “last of the European-Titans.”   Producing well over Ten Major Kings and Queens,  winning all the wars, putting a stop to all the wars and it was responsible for the worlds freedom. (oh and it was responsible for Prince-Jordan being here today!)

Prince-Jordan’s (Aunt) rolled The-House-of-Tudors money, properties and responsibilities to Scotland and the Scottish family rolled them over to Queen Elizabeth II.  


YES! Without the “House of Tudor” You might all be non existent.   let that one sink in.  



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