The Highest Ranking Royal Family!

By; Prince Jordan Tyson


The “Royal Family” is not just a fantasy.  They have every bit of importance and relevance today as they did 2,000 years ago.  They are very real and they are very powerful for a reason. THEY ARE YOUR ACTUAL “GREAT-GRANDPARENTS!” (Well at least the Clifford’s are!!!) and that means, Prince Jordan!  In fact:  by “Direct-Lineage” and “Proximity-of-Blood!”  Prince is Grandfather to 85% of the worlds royal families.  Then he is related to all oft them from ancient to modern day royal bloodlines.


Question: What is the “Highest Ranking Royal Family

Prince Jordans family: Is comprised of the “Highest Ranking” European Kings, Queens and more.  (One of His Grand-fathers) is  King Rollo of Normandy. (a.k.a) Rollo The Walker”  (House of Normandy.)  It was King Rollo’s Grand-Children;  The (Norman- De-Clifford’s) that “changed”  and “saved” the world.   Their family started as Normans then switched to “De-Clifford” after the family moved from France.  Then they built “Clifford Castle” in between  Europe and Ireland. (once settled) they dropped the “De” from the last name and it became:  “Clifford!”  At which Point they Co-created, Parliament. Then formed the Government system for the entire world.


Question: “What if you are related to these people too?

You are correct.  A-lot of people actually are “related” to These Royal families, while others “actually are” The Royal family.   Yes (you are probably related…  But, Prince Jordan actually has the “Royal family” last names” and “credentials” to back it up.  He is: (the actual) “Royal-Family!” Not just one,  but “five” of them  at the same time. 

(*Note*)  If a person does not have any of the “Royal family” (Last-names)” then;  that person cannot claim they are “The Royal-Family.” Prince mom, dad, grandmother, great grandmother:  All have Royal-Family last names because they are directly related.   What are those last names? “Tudor” “Plantagenet” “Loftus,” “Aldrich,” “Littlefield” ” Clifford”  


Prince Jordans family is also comprised of the “Highest Ranking Royal Queens” (his Grand-mother) “Queen Elfreida Elfryth” {First Crowned Queen of England!}  is the “Highest-Ranking” “Anglo-Saxon Queen.” and the other “Highest-Ranking” Queen of all time.  “Queen Elizabeth I” is “Princes -Aunt!”  (umm) she is a lil more than that,  but well save that  for later.



The “combination” of those three by themselves, elevate Prince Jordan to the “very top” of any Royal-Family Ranking chart.  Next, (if you can do math..)  “add up” all of their children.  There is  over  1,000 Kings,  Queens, Lady’s, Lords, Dukes, Dutches’s, Prince, Princess, Vicars, Barron’s Baroness, Knights, Royal-Knights,  Yes all Prince Jordan’s family. Then what happens if you add his Grandfather – King David?  



Since Prince is a Grandson of: “King David” – He is also “Blessed by God” and  inherits “Gods promise” to rule the world.” (of course satan would be the only one try to stop that!!!) and trust me, Satan has been trying very hard to stop him.



Lets put this in perspective: If Prince were to take a time machine and go back “300 years.” He would  literally wake up in bed at the Tudor castle.  He would  be at the center of the Royal family.  So If you look back 300 years- you might as well forget it and throw in the towel. Not a person in the world can contest him, not even God himself.  Why? because Prince is a legit part of “GOD’S Promise to the world,” as HE IS:  King David’s Grandson. 


Prince Mothers and Grandmother(s) maiden-names are: “Clifford.”  Yes- the very same family that ALL of the “European Kings and Queens” descended from.

The “Clifford family”  was and is;  “the most powerful house”  in France.  It was called  “The House of Normane.”  The Clifford family are the “Grandparents” to ALL European Kings and Queens. (Thereby)  {In the family sense}  The Clifford’s do actually Outrank” everyone”  




Did you just say Prince is not a {Loftus-Littlelfield-Clifford?} (Guess-again.) Every Grandson in history “qualified for the throne” because of their “Grandparents” name.   



Prince Jordans family spans more than 50 generations and well over 2,000 years. Prince is the great grandson of King Rollo and Alfred the Great, who took the throne in 871 and ruled until 899 AD. The Firm is therefore a long and deep-rooted cultural, historical and political tie to the country. (In this Video) You can see it goes all the way back to: King Alfreds family, King Malcom, King Duncan, King William the Conqueror, King Henry I, II III, Directly to Prince Jordan (Present day!)

 “From: King Rollo back to King Rollo.”

This is the: legendary “Clifford-Plantagenet” family line.

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