Prince is not american


In or around 1500-1600 Prince-Jordan’s family was stationed in america by; “Queen Elizabeth- I”  To watch over the 50,000 prisoners she sent there.  (His family)  “Would not” have “voluntarily” elected, to move (into a Prison,) with  the very same criminals,  they sent for punishment.  Her Majesty; had a plan, and sent (five) of her very own “closest employees and families” to america as “British and Irish Intelligence,” so it was a natural fit that they, report to her of any wrong doings. “Queen Elizabeth-I, “nearest and dearest” “friends and family”  They are Prince-Jordan’s family.  That assignment is over and the intelligence has been secured. The report shall be made and returned back to the Queen as requested. Prince was never american and never will be american. (yes) he was born here, but he is not american. (In fact if you are a member of his family, it is advised that you leave the country) or you will become a statistic, (like the rest of the family has)  (unless you are blind an do not see what has actually happened.)  It was the criminals that our family sent to this country, who now run it. They view royal families and their descendants as a threat.

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