Queens guards sent to america

Some of The Queens Royal Guards sent to america, In the 1500-1600’s “Her Royal Majesty”  “Queen Elizabeth I, ” ruled and reigned over Europe. Part of her responsibilities at that time, were dealing with criminals. Instead of the “old fashioned”  way of “cutting their heads off,” She simply had them sent to prison in america, where they can live out their life with other criminals like them, (since that is the lifestyle they chose.)  But; she also had enough wisdom to send “Royal-Guards”  “Post-men” and “Scotland-Yard” “officials” and “investigators,”  “police-men,” “Knights” and “Royals” to help manage the criminals in america so they did not get out of control.  She did send a “handful” of her own people and Prince-Jordan’s family are some of those families. They were literally sent here by “Her-Majesty Queen-Elizabeth I.” and the King-of-Scotland to watch over america. However, “the criminals out numbered them”  and once the prison sentences were up- they could no longer keep them.  As a result, the criminals started forming america and created washington dc.   Just like criminals do today,  300 years thereafter,  these problem children, would end up “destroying the entire-world” and “conning” manipulating” “lying” “blackmailing” “threatening” everyone into thinking what they are doing is correct and everyone else is wrong.


The Royal-families; and those sent by; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, – remained in america. (obviously monitoring the criminals) {they knew the criminals were up to no good.}  Nobody was the wiser- nobody knew the Queen and King had sent officials, Scotland-yard and British-guards an Royal-Knights undercover. BUT IN FACT, SHE DID!  and those families have remained together for almost 300 plus years. Yes they are still in america, in tact-unchanged, and they are themselves (at least some of them) are still loyal to the Crown! 

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