The Rodeo Story

The Rodeo Story

Where does the love of horses come from? well if your like Prince it comes from your Royal Family. 

For thousands of years. The Kings and Knights, all had fierce battles and the only way to charge a opponent successfully was with a Giant armored horse.

Prince family has owned horses for centuries. as a result, he is very affluent in the language of horsey. 

 He is a horse whisperer. Its true. but that should be of any surprise, as all the horses, were very well cared for and kept up and sometimes treaded better than humans. 

One of the royal family’s prize possessions and most valuable assets during war times,  were in fact their horses. and they all got very close and learned how to talk to each other. 


 Which brings us to modern day , How big of  role do horses play in todays society? 

 well, if you live in the country, they play a very big part, they are just like having a dog or cat to country folk. 

and they are wonderful companions and (unlike all of the washington dc agencies and secret agencies) horses are great learners,

 If you have patience, oh and they even listen to you.. (something else washington dc does not do.)


but how big of a role, do they play today?  throughout the Midwest, Rodeos are still a very thriving sport and lucrative business. 

thousands upon thousands of Horses are used, bred, bought and sold every year. 

But has Prince every rode Horses? The answer is yes! 

In fact he used to race them, “racing horses” takes  a  very special skill, its called Skill! 

Not just anyone can ride a horse or race one.   The Royal family favored “Shires” one of the worlds largest horse breeds.

Prince shares his story, that  he loves shires and Clydesdales to: In fact; one of his first jobs was on a Clydesdale and horse ranch.


But what does all this have to do with rodeos? Well it actually has everything to do with rodeos. 

you see, horses were the number jousting and tournament entertainment back then. all sorts of sports were carried out using horses. 

Cricket, polo, racing, barrels, obstacles, jousting, and of course sword fighting and rodeos. 

 If you ever been to one, you can see the resemblance of how they did things back then.

Prince was raised partially in private privleged schools and partially in the country with Horses, Cows etc.. he has also worked at several rodeos. 


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