Made with Love by Queen Elizabeth I

What is the relationship of Prince Jordan to: “Queen Elizabeth I.”  Is he her secret child? Grandchild?  Well, that is actually very close.  Besides, being his “Great-Aunt”  on one side of the family,  We cannot tell you all the details right now.  But, what we will tell you is this… During her reign; (1558-1603) she had no romantic partners or lovers (That YOU know of) However, she did have her own family and very close personal friends. Those included the: Plantagenets, Loftus, Clifford, Aldrich and Littlefield families. Those families are still together today in 2022- and they are Prince-Jordans family.  Prince would not be here,  if it was not for Her Royal Majesty:  Queen Elizabeth -I. 

Look at the photos above.. Notice Anything?

Think about it for a moment.  Prince has  Queen-Elizabeth’s  “best-friends” last-names? (How does that happen?) Answer: It doesn’t!  (Unless) you are from the royal family! 

Another- important factor?   Those  same families have remained together (Since 1558) and are still all tied-together in (2022.)  That Means:  Queen Elizabeth-I,  “bonded” them all together, “kept” them together, “nurtured” them together, “cultivated” them together and they all “prayed” and “stayed” together.  As a result:  (Three generations later) Prince Jordan was born. “Made with Love by: “Queen Elizabeth-I.”



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