Beauty and Fashion  have always been a trademark of Prince- Royal family. (His biggest and most well known Grandfathers were born in France.) The home of fashion and modeling. Those talents go even back several-several thousand(s) of  years to the beginning of his family, who are also the Egyptian Pharaohs. (If you cant tell) (Yes, Prince is also a Pharaoh!)


Known to some in the modeling-world as: “Million Monroe.”   Prince is a professional  Model, that has walked with hundreds of “fashion and runway people.” (YES) some of his co-workers, and friends are very well known.  Prince- has been signed to multiple “mom and pop” modeling agencies,  such as “Wild-Models” and  “Model-Mafia”  in Beverly Hills.  Oddly enough nobody was intelligent enough to know what to do with him. (lol) so you never saw HIS ROYAL MAJESTY on any Ads. But, Pictures are worth a thousand words. 


Since his youth; Prince has walked runways and worked “Print” and “In-store” jobs for small and major companies. (Over 175  bookings)  have been done- “in-stores, personal events, guest appearances,  shows and conventions.” -The Highlights are: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Bel-Air, San Francisco, Lemon Grove, San Diego, Denver and Cherry Creek.

“Beauty and Fashion” really  do run in his family line.  Did you know, “Marilyn Monroe” is actually one of his “second-cousins” – (via) the Clifford’s, Giffords, Aldrich and Spencer family’s, and they share another Great-Grandfather, “Pastor William Brewster” of the Mayflower.

What does the Pastor have to do with Modeling?

Glad you asked, Prince has several: “super-model” cousins. (for some reason) they think that are better than him (which they are not!!!)  But they want to make it “publicly known” they are related to his grandfather,  but: never mention Prince. Which is comedy, because he is one of the highest ranking “underground” Royals ever. (lol) but they chose to elevate their own brands with a name, instead of the  Royalty..(lol) We suppose: Prince Jordan’s Grandfather must be  a super hottie if everyone wants to be related to him and not Prince (lol) But hey… Prince is living in the past right… (ROTFLMAO!)

Prince does have (other) “Super-Model” cousins including: “Kate Upton” and “Paris Hilton.”  

QuestionWhy does Prince go by (two) separate names?  Answer:  The two industries; don’t like each other. Modeling industry (does not like actors)  & The Acting industry (does not like models). 

In order to work (both industries)  He was forced to select (two) separate names. Thus; Million Monroe was born. Out of “respect and honor” named- after his cousin Marilyn Monroe.

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