Why is Prince Jordan Royalty?

Why is Prince Jordan Royalty?

We are currently “crystalizing” that answer for you.  In the mean time: here are three short answers. (1.) His “current” last-names of: (Littlefield,) (Loftus,) (Aldrich,) and (Clifford.)  If you google those names, you will discover, “Her Royal Majesty Queen-Elizabeth-I”  is “literally-attached” to all of them. You will also find several Kings attached. (2.) He is a Clifford. All of the royal-families came from the Clifford-family. (3.)  He is a descendant of King-David and Abraham; by (MULTIPLE) family lines.

(Chart below)

{The Top Section} 

Is the  “The Princess Maude (Stanley) Mann” Family.  {She and her family} were sent on the Mayflower, to america. 

This was at the request of:  Her-Majesty-Queen-Elizabeth-I.   


*****NOTE****** The line on this chart, has not yielded a (Genuine) King or Queen since the year of 1500. Prince is one of  the first persons, to bring “this line” back to life and / or continue the line of succession.

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