Why am I not supposed to interfere with the line of succession?

Ah yes, Royalty they are so snobby aren’t they? They are all prop aren’t they?  They all think they are owed and entitled to everything don’t they?  Such pieces of Sh*&*t  aren’t they? Well we are pretty sure you look un-intelligent, right now, if you said anything remotely close to those comments. But, then again you are most-likely part of the problem and its time for you to listen. 

Did you ever stop to think the Royal Family are your Grandparents? That they literally come from the line of Jesus and King David? Before that Rome, Greece, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Egypt, Africa, possibly Asia and other countries? No, you didn’t, Why? Because you are most likely so full of yourself, that is all you think about.

The Royal Family – (aka) Your Grandparents! Have a wisdom no computer or pedophile government on earth can comprehend, Even if they could, they would get it wrong. 

“You do not interfere with the line of succession at all period!”  They know what they are doing and they are thinking of Ten-million things, that you would never ever dream of thinking in a million years. Even while you think you are thinking, what you are thinking, they are thousands of years ahead of you and your thoughts.  (Meanwhile,) you are  still stuck at page one.  This is one example of why you…

Do not  EVER  interfere with them in any way. 

Do not EVER get in there way.

Do not EVER  stop them.

Do not EVER alter their path.

Do not EVER alter them.

Because if you do, you possibly, just killed yourself and everyone else on the planet!  They just might doing something (FOR A REASON!)  SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT, THAT COULD POSSIBLY SAVE (YOUR) LIFE!  Did you ever think about why they are in your life in the first place? Quite possibly because, they were there to save your life?   YES, THEY ARE  THE DIRECT LINE TO KING DAVID AND JESUS!!! HELOOOOO!!!!!!!! 

But yet, some of you want to Stop them? or Kill them?  Are you that un-intelligent?  And then you complain Why your prayers never get answered???  That God does not exist?   Umm hey  DUMMY… WHY IS GODS DIRECT LINE IN YOUR LIFE?  Instead some people complain and say, they are rich snobs and privileged. ummm WAKE UP!!!  They were in your life for a reason… 

But here you are, all you see is a bunch of white-people who have white-power, white-privilege’s and you get nothing!   Is that the case? Sorry, to Burst your bubble, and to inform you, The Royal Family are made up of “ALL Nationalities.” They are African, Asian, Spanish, Egyptian, European, French and many others. So now let me ask you. WHY ARE YOU SO CONCERNED ABOUT THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN??? HMMMM??



The Royal Families, have “Diplomatic Immunity!”  That means: “You do not interfere with them at all period.” Why? because they have a very finely tuned “Sense of Timing, Skills, Drive and Passion.”  Even while you think you are thinking, what you are thinking,  They are millions of years ahead of you. THEY ARE NOWHERE CLOSE TO BEING ON THE SAME PAGE AS YOU.  They are Ancient! This is actually their planet, (LIKE IT OR NOT IT IS! (YES) IT DOES BELONG TO THEM!  They are trying to prepare it and save the planet and you. BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT.   (Yes, you are their Grandchildren.) Do you really want to stop that? If you do, then you are pretty un-intelligent. 

Now, When we say The Royal Family we are not talking about the Governments. We are not talking about County or City  workers. We are not even talking about: “King, Lord, Prince farquad”-  who bought, hustled, lied cheated and murdered and paid for (his / her title.) No! None of them are the TRUE Royal Family line. We are talking about the genuine real thing. The real true essence, the real true, DNA of all of the Ancient Kings and Queens who posses all of the answers and power of the Earth. Who families led their countries to victory over the enemy’s and saved you all. 

These people have the answers, they know what they are doing. They have a sixth sense and they know how to use it correctly.  They even have their own governing-body, called (Senior Royals) who posses even more ancient senses and more ancient skills than the others do, so they can keep them all in check and in line…



Lets say, you see one of them at a Grocery Store or Shopping mall. and you stop them and or block their movements. (Unless they they oblige you,) “You are Interfering!”  (Now be mindful,)  They may give you a moment of their time to listen to you; because that is: WHAT THEY DO!  (THEY ARE YOUR GRANDPARENTS) THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LISTEN TO YOU.  But some people actually attempt to: hustle or manipulate them, take advantage or hurt them. Ummm We  can assure you every second of their being is set and determined to save you and the planet. By stopping and altering or manipulating them.. YOU- JUST BECAME PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE!  THAT IS CALLED “TREASON!”  AND IT IS PUNISHIBLE BY DEATH! 

So when you see them racing around or hurrying to do something, there is a reason they do what they do. You cant see that reason, because you are not them. They are Thousands of years old, and they know Thousands of years of things you never will. (However) You don’t have to be afraid of them, they are still your Grandparents, they are all very friendly.  You can approach them. (Just make sure, they oblige you and are welcoming you first.) Yes, it is acceptable to say hi or voice a concern, it is their job to listen.

But if you have ill intentions and you stop them maliciously; you just stopped yourself and the entire planet. You my friend will pay for that!  

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