Is there Royalty in 2022?

Question:  Is there Royalty in 2022?

Answer: YES! YES! and YES!  

There is more Royalty now than ever before.  They do not all use the term “Royal family.”   For Example:  in america they are called “Presidents.”  In other countries they are called  “Mayors,” Kings and “Queens” etc…

Now, that being said: There is only “One true Royal Family Line!” That is: (Yours truly) The Plantagenets and Tudor Family Lines. (which spreads into Ireland, France, Scotland and other countries.)   They are directly descended from King David who descended from Abraham who descended from Rome who descended from Egypt etc…

They had families with all countries and basically:  “That’s how you all got here! Yes you are all children of Royalty.

But the “One True line”  (Yours Truly) is called the “Senior branch” or “Senior line!”  They hold all the highest ranks over all the other Royal families, because they have the purest blood and purest wisdom. 

Which is why Prince Jordan’s family co-created Parliament to oversee the other Royals and make sure they follow the Laws and rules they were taught.  

Yes,  Prince is the “senior line” whos family does and is supposed to keep ALL  the other Royals in check!  

However, they do love to avoid him for some reason. (lol) we cant figure out why…

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