Prince Family

¬†Kathleen & Her Step-father (Monsignor-Henry Keane) of: Dublin, Ireland.¬† (Her Grandmothers) of England & Ireland – (Top Right ) Kathy & Lois Clifford. (Bottom Right)…

Every family has someone you should probably know right? If not, that’s cool too, but most families have (One or Two) “very special people” that are the glue, the matriarchs. They are the ones “most skilled” in “keeping things organized” – keeping the entire family “bonded together.” These people have “Leadership-Skills” and  “Social-Skills.” Yes, these skills can (partially) be genetic, but for the most part- they are taught the correct way.

Who is supposed to teach them?  Your MOM and DAD. They were supposed to learn it from their Parents and Grandparents etc… (If your family paid attention!)  Because, the family secrets to raising a successful family were given to ALL  families. But not ALL families wanted to listen. Those exciting teachings and skills come from 1,000’s of years ago.  If your family or you  did not get the skills that were handed down. Chances are, someone in your family, did not listen… The good news is: Just in case you you or your family did not get the handed down lessons of how to succeed correctly. The original family who taught these lessons,  are still here and still together; after thousands of years. Additionally they are still teaching these lessons.  Now lets meet the beautiful “Lady’s” in the photo above…  

Meet: “Kathleen Rae Loftus, Littlefield, Clifford” 

& Her Mother: “Lois Loftus, Littlefield Clifford.” 

Prince Jordan’s: Mother and Grandmother! 

These lady’s are descended of multiple Kings and Queens. they are descended of the majestic and imperial “Clifford” family lines as well. (And they love to teach)  If they were trying to teach you something, right now, trust us, you would pay attention and you would remember what they were saying to you and teaching you. They both had a “very special way” of teaching. They did it with: love, kindness, babying, nurturing, spoiling, compassion and a bit of DONT F$% with me attitude!!!  What else might you expect from “William the Conquerors” grandchildren?  Umm.. It worked for “William the Conqueror” didn’t it?  

The problem is this: Some people might say… “so what!!!” Who cares? I don’t care about those lady’s??!!!  Well… There you go again… YOU ARE NOT LISTENING! YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!  We can assure you, knowing about these two is a (Bigger deal than you think!)  While it is true: a-lot of people are descended from the “Clifford Family”  also known as The “Plantagenet Family” or “King Rollo” and “William the Conqueror family.”  These two women are “Clifford’s” by: (Multiple-Clifford family-lines.)  You could say they are (Cliffords-X3)  or another good term might be: “Super-Clifford’s.”  Today, these women and their immediate Son / Grandson, (Prince) still carry the “Clifford”  family last name. They are still trying to teach you the correct ways to do things. But  here’s another problem. (THEY HAVE ALL THE ANCIENT SECRETS) and in todays world, nobody wants to listen to them…  Including the Government. THAT is one of the reasons the world has so many problems.  Everyone thinks they have the answers when they do not, There is only one family that has all of the answers. 

Historical They entire Clifford family split and went separate directions around 900 A.D. Each family line started, formed or helped build a new country.  But these two women  Kathy and Lois, (somehow) managed to “recreate” that starting point all over again.  They are the literal offspring of all of the very first Clifford’s.

The Clifford’s  from: “Ireland Royalty,” 

The Clifford’s from the “House of Tudor Royalty” 

The Clifford’s of  “William the Conqueror Royalty” 

and  The Clifford’s of …well,.. The Clifford’s.

Now being a “Clifford” is literally pretty cool. Because they are at the “very top of the food chain.” Yes! The Clifford family are your Grandparents. They are the family, that 85% of the earths population is descended from over 1,000 years ago. They are the direct line to Adam and Eve, Jesus and King David.

But if you think for one second that these are just two regular white women; you are wrong! (They are literally made up of every nationality.) It was around 1,000 A.D, when families started “blending” with Euro-Anglo-Saxons. That gave them the “argent” or “pearl” skin-tones they have now. Yes, alot of them Including Prince mother and grandmother used to be black, brown and many other colors, and now they are called Europeans. 

Where did they come from? The last nationality before European was literally from Jerusalem.  Yes, these women are the direct-line to King David, Jesus and the Royal family.  This family is the same Royal family line from the beginning of time: Egypt, Africa, Asia, Spain, The Pyramids, Pharos and  more… Umm YES! THEY ARE!  So when you look at the photos of Prince or His Mom and Grandma- try to imagine; what nationality they really are. They are Jewish, African American, Spanish. (possibly Asian), They are Egyptian and European, they are German, they are French, they are Irish, they are from many other countries. So all of the rumors about the Royal Families are just rumors designed by your local governments to get you to hate another leader of another country and race. Because these nationalities are a pure beautiful perfect mix. THAT pisses them off, because they are not that perfect mix of a perfect leader and they never will be.

Who else is from the Clifford Family? There is only one “Clifford” (aka) “Plantagenet line.”  But some are Grandchildren and Descendants of Prince Jordan and His family. Such as: “Paris Hilton” is (from) the “Clifford” family!  (In-fact) she and her entire family, would not be who they are today, without the Clifford’s. “Not joking!”  Sure they had a few royals of their own, but not like the Clifford’s. In fact: All of the Kings and Queens in Europe started with the Clifford family., In fact it was the unwritten-law! (If you did not start with the Clifford family you did not become Royalty period!) Why? because they really are descended of King David and they really did inherit Gods promise.  Paris Hiltons family married  “The “De-Clifford”  family- 500 years ago. Then; they went into the Hotel business, while the Clifford’s remained Noble, Regal and Royalty.

(Unlike the Hiltons)  The Clifford family, all love to stay very close. The real Clifford’s are “very faithful and loyal, family orientated people.” The washed out ones are not. The “Clifford’s” (aka) “Plantagenets.”  Have all stayed together for a very long time.  But alas, at some point the Royal Clifford skills and Royal Clifford talents do get washed out when natural blending occurs. IE..(Marring a non royal)  If they marry a Non-Royal and have children that’s it, end of story, Game over. They get washed out.  (After doing that many times) even Paris Hiltons family lost their royal Clifford touch. They lost their royal Clifford skills. Otherwise, they would naturally known to have made “better decisions” in many facets and corners of theirs and other peoples lives.  Or maybe  the slogan: “I stand  with my pack!”   was written by someone else?  Regardless…

Prince Jordan and his family are still 100% in-tact and unchanged. They are still the Royal family.  They still have the Magic. “THEY ARE THE MAGIC!”  and Prince would love nothing more than to share that magic and start it over again and re-light, re-kindle, the Royal powers within some lucky family. The Re-Launch of the Royal dynasty. However- there is a catch!  It must be the correct person “No-Exceptions! Just like the male Plantagenet family line, Prince does know how to pick the correct lady to run the country. His family is very legendary for selecting the correct persons. 

(Example…) Every single one of the European Kings and Queens are made from the Clifford’s. Without the Clifford’s there would be no Royal Families, No Kings and No Queens of Europe THAT MEANS, NO FREEDOM FOR ANY OF YOU!  think about that…

The lady’s in the photo above: “Kathy and Lois” are  Mother and Daughter THEY ARE ALL OF THE CLIFFORD LINES, TIED TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME!  That in itself is pretty amazing. That means they posses all of the “Ancient Magic.” All of the “Ancient Skills” all of the “Ancient Powers.”  And if that is not enough… They are also direct lines to Ireland’s “Loftus- Family”  and  Irelands  “Littlefield-Family.”  Yes, all of those family names we just mentioned, Clifford, Loftus and Littlefield, make up the DNA of these beautiful women. All of them, worked for Queen Elizabeth-I.  Those families are the “most trusted,” “most respected” names in all of Europe, England, Ireland, France and many other countries and there is a very good reason for that trust…

Natural “Royal Selection  Now.. It should be known,  just because you have a “Royal Surname,” does not mean you Automatically Qualify. There is a rigorous testing and observation period, of which you must get through by a Senior royal family member in order to be considered..   That is the reason many sons and daughters of Kings and Queens got “skipped over.” Why? Because some of them; were born with no talent or skills. (sadly it does happen.)  (For example) lets say you are a relative of  a very large Royal Family and you own a company that is literally known all around the world, but it is destroying the planet. Because, you were not born with enough intelligence to know any better. You make yourself a “World Wide Presence – Celebrity”   Instead of helping the world you f$%$ed it up. (Case-Closed)  (You do not Qualify, at all- period!)

THAT! Is the (exact reason) Kings and Queens “Skipped over their own family and children!” and gave titles to their Grandchildren. (AHEM!)  Such as His Majesty Prince Jordan.

You see, The Real Royal families are thousands of years old. They are not stupid. No matter what games or manipulations anyone plays, they see right through them. (Even back then) They knew; that sometimes those skills and talents “Skip an entire generation.” That means, even their own children could screw up the entire world, without those required talents.  Trust us, alot of them do try to run things and they do F^%& everything up. Thank Goodness, Prince Mother and Grandmother both have those desired “good qualities” and “good talents” and so does Prince. But strangely and oddly enough, nobody else in his family does. (go-figure.) That’s just how it goes. It is how God works. It is how DNA works, Its the luck of the draw. Some people end up with proper genetic coding and some don’t. If you are part of Princes family and you have ignored & dissed him, You are dead wrong and you are fired! No matter who or where you are, you are fired!

(Note*) Prince mother was brutally and violently murdered by project mk ultra and all of its affiliated agencies. They used the M.O. of making it look natural, when it was not. They ripped out both of her lungs and watched her die. They used her as an experiment. She did inform Prince of these facts and did her best to protect him. Even opened a secret PO Box with plans on escaping and secretly meeting with him. (If she was against Prince) How would he know where the secret PO BOX she opened in 2004 is located? Think about that!!! She never made it and neither did Prince. They were both set up and injured in the years 2005-2006 along with Prince brother. (All three got set up, the same year.) You have to be blind to not see that!  His Grandmother was murdered at a later date. Although her Old age gave them a perfect excuse and once again, using the M.O of timing, they murdered her one month after she moved to a new place. Coincidently his 21 year old brother was murdered just a month after he moved as well. It was all made to look natural, we can assure you- we have proof, it was not!    

Prince Jordans mommy (photo with Catherine of Aragon) and her big brother, (Prince Jordans “Uncle Mike”) (photo with King Henry III)

.  Showing and proving not only is there family resemblances, this IS that same family! 

“Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day Mommy and Merry Christmas Mommy, 

 I promised you would not be forgotten!”

I Love You forever!  Love always, your Son: XOXOXO

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