The German Prince

The German Royal Families, pre-date most other Royal families. They are some of the longest running ancestral lines, That came from: “The Holy Roman Empire.”  Some of them branched off and descended from the “Holy-Roman-Empire.”  Then they created their own families, their own dynasties and Empires. 

Is Prince Jordan, German?

The answer is:  Kind of:  – and-  Partially Yes!

But not German, like your thinking of German… You see his family goes directly from: “Egypt” “Africa” to “The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE!”  His family are the Emperors. That is where the Germans as you know them came from. His German families split off and went different directions. Some went and created Germany and some created The House of Wessex. Prince family is the “House of Wessex” and then they married the other side of Princes Family, known as: the House of Normane-Clifford, then they created the House of Plantagenet,  House of Lancaster, House of Tudor to the House of Stuart and finally House of Windsor.


There are a couple of more recent lines that show his German heritage. But you will have to wait for those, as we are still perfecting them…  

So is Prince Jordan, German?  What you call German, he calls Grandchildren. They came from his family – “Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire!”

This story to be continued..

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