Is Prince Jordan a Mexican Prince? 

Well there may be some slight truth to that. He does read, write and speak: Latin/Spanish. He did partially grow up in an 75% “Hispanic town” which was almost entirely made-up of non-english speaking people from Mexico. (It is that city, that some refer to as California’s-Mexico.) In reality it is called “The Fruit basket of the world!” While growing up, Prince unknowingly… was following the exact same footsteps as his royal family and many of them, but in this case,  The “Twelve year old Prince,” was working (side by side with his extended “Spanish family.”) driving tractors, picking fruit in the fields, celebrating with Piñatas, Ciestas and Quinceañeras.  He also worked at packing sheds, but it was in the fruit fields, where the young, Prince learned Spanish. He taught his friends and extended family  English and they taught him Spanish. It was a beautiful relationship and they had lots of fun together. (They did not know it) but they were helping to raise one of their (Royal) Great-Grandfathers. 

At home; Prince was raised by the typical royal family scenario. He had all women, to help raise him.  (15 women to be exact.)  So,  as natures luck would have it: One of his first Girlfriends was named: “Aurora La-Reina” which means: “Dawn of the Queen.” Then at 21 Prince had a Spanish daughter with a woman named:  DeLaCruz. which means  “Of the Holy Cross.”

But, perhaps… The most important figure of this story is Prince Grandfather. His Royal Majesty-King Henry III. (One of his sons) created the “First” – “House of Plantagenet.” Then, (that son) had a daughter. Her name was *(ISABELLA OF CASTILE)- SHE WAS FROM THE:  (“ROYAL HOUSE OF PLANTAGENET!)  

“Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabella -“Plantagenet!”  Married a “Spanish King” and they had five children. One of those children temporarily, married King Henry VIII.  making her -The First (Half-Spanish) Queen of England. The rest of Isabella’s children, stayed in Spain and married “Spanish-Royalty.”  “From that day, Isabella was known as the Spanish Queen.”  She was known as a great ruler and great explorer.  Thus, some of her own grandchildren grew up wanting to travel, so they went to Mexico. This is where the story gets interesting.  Although, many of the Spanish people in Mexico (came from Spain) they did not want to be ruled by Spain, so they gained independence in 1861. Today over 35% of Mexico is descended from Jordans family (aka)  “Her Royal Majesty -Isabella of Castile!” 

So, is Prince Jordan a Mexican Prince? Technically No.  (But he is a Plantagenet!)  and… Just like his family (Isabella of Castile)- he did study Spanish / Latin.  Prince does read, write and speak (both) languages, He does know the culture better than 75% of the world and he does have a Spanish daughter. But it gets better…through the “House of Plantagenet” and “Isabelle of Castile,” he does have  many Grandchildren in Mexico. 🙂

Isabella was a Plantagenet. That proves the “Plantagenet family” (aka) the “Clifford family” were made up of all nationalities, they loved everyone and the real ones, still do love everyone!   Orale! La-Rato!

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