The Authentic Plantagenet

There are many Royal family members left in the world today. but only some of them, have the necessary skills and talents to be of service to anyone.  (For example) If you own and operate a large destructive hurtful and harmful company to the planet. You are most definitely not a Plantagenet or Tudor or any other Royal Family member. You would be considered “illegitimate” or “without the necessary skills.”  Because, if you were genuine, you would automatically know better. 

That being said: Prince is an actual Plantagenet and Tudor (with the Correct Sets of Skills and Talents.) He promotes, Health Well-Being, Family, Environment Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Physical-Health and Mental-Health.  He Promotes Success, Personal Hygiene, Physical Appearance, Interior and Exterior Appearance, Education, Faith, Church, Love, Romance, Religion, God, Jesus, Life, Harmony, Peace, Happiness, Caring, Tenderness and an entire list of other hot topics in that same genre.  The “washed out” “fake Plantagenet and Tudors” do not!  Why?  because they are fake. They lack the skills and even if they could fake the skills, just like DNA, it would show after a period of time, as to just how fake they are.   That would ultimatlly boil down to, they are  hurting you and the Planet.

The same is true for business people and everyday people. One of the accurate ways to tell if someone is really a “Plantagenet or Tudor” and has the “Authentic Skills,”  is they “automatically” make the correct choices. IF they do not, they are fake. NO MATTER WHO IS CALLING THE SHOTS!  A WRONG CHOICE IS A WRONG CHOICE AND A PLANTAGENT AND TUDOR KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE! the fake ones, do not have the skills or talents. period.  

There are literally “thousands” of decisions to made in the course of one day. All of those decisions (If they are not made correctly) will prove your authenticity over time. (Its 100% fool proof and 100% fail proof) you will get caught if you pretend to be someone you are not.  So your best bet, is to just be you- just be yourself, do not attempt to be someone else, as this will only cause people to follow a false, fake person that will ultimately make everyone, the planet and yourself fail.  and once you fail, they will all look back at you and hate (YOU) for making them- follow you when you were  fake to begin with.  So it is always best to be honest, loyal faithful to yourself and others. Do not try to manipulate anyone, do not lie to anyone. because the truth always comes out… and we do mean it always comes out no matter what,. 

You cannot hold a lie for 50 years and not slip up, without someone catching YOU, OR YOUR ACTIONS THAT CONTRADICT THAT LIE. THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS. 

(Here is a Perfect example) look at the cia, pentagon, fbi, nasa, nsa etc.. they all thought they would never get caught for their crimes 50 years ago or even the ones they are doing today.  But yet, here we are today in 2022 and Every body on the Planet knows who they are and what they do. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. They set horrible examples and make terrible choices and  the entire world suffers because of them.

Obviously they are not the Royal Family and everyone knows that. 

God Always Wins! 


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