“Life of Luxury!”

Prince Jordan loves to be pampered and spoiled and he would have it no other way. From the plush morning slippers on his feet, to the doubled up, hour long full body massages and hot tubs. Relaxing custom houses to the draped in diamonds ruby’s and jewelry on his Royal hands. (He spares no expense on himself, people in need or his family!) With stays at exotic 5 star luxurious hotels, furs, cars and clothes and a wardrobe that by itself, is estimated at well over $250k. Which to some people, is a lot of money for a wardrobe, but to others, that is a the price of one simple suit. Regardless: of  the price tags, they are not important  to him, because Prince knows how to be frugal and look hot at the same time. (His family did not rule for thousands of years by being irresponsible with money!) (His own mother was corporate book keeper,) You do the math! 
But what is it about luxury that he likes? well first of all, it is in his DNA and secondly its just what he likes. It is for those very reasons that he does not have a big head or think he is better than everyone else and never has. Why? because his family have all been the wealthiest and richest families in the world for thousands of years. 
You may think with all of that family history, that he would have some sort of an ego, but  the funny thing is, the meaning of ego is: “The person who’s on the outside viewing it, with their own opinion. (lol) which means egos do not exist at all period!)”  Regardless, the bottom line is: some people cannot handle money and wealth.
Prince was actually born a real genuine King. (The catch is, he was born in the states) sucks for him right? But alas, he is in the process of moving back to Europe (ASAP!). That means he has the most “level headed” way of doing everything in his life and he always has. GOD, FAITH RELIGION, LUXURY, GLAMOR, PAMPERED,SPOILED, WARM AND FUZZY AND COZY, LOVE, CARING ,COMPASSION, KINDNESS  FRIENDS AND FAMILY! 
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