Prince was abused as a child

Case# 83-4118 is a “child abuse case” that tells it all. In this Police report: The facts are proved (BEYOND A DOUBT)  and any reasonable person can see:  Prince Jordans stepfather “abused” “beat” and did “other things to him.” Then, he lies to to Police, Judges, Courts and all Law Enforcement  personnel. (He did this on many separate court cases.) He said he was  innocent, not committing crimes and that he was not abusing anyone or his step son named Prince. But as the herein contained evidence proves: He was and is Guilty of many charges!  He was initially arrested for this case #83-4118 and taken to Police and Sheriffs stations respectively.  Both departments took many photos of Ron and his crimes and of the evidence- Scars, marks and bruises he left on a “Nine year old baby.”

Ron walters “verbally” and “physically” “abused, men, women and children” (Including his own blood) his own sons, daughters, step-daughters, step-son, wife, ex-wife carol and present wife Kathleen, Loftus, Littlefield, Clifford. Every time he was caught: (He cited his military, mk ultra credentials) and this pedophile was released on multiple occasions. But the truth remains: Ron walters is an “child abuser” “offender” “and more”… (Nobody liked him, not even his own father.) What is even worse?  His own father was (C.I.A)- Lowell Walters. (You do the math!)  Then Lowell mysteriously died around the year 2000: when he was “healthy as an ox.”  Somehow he randomly got cancer (out of the blue.)  Lowell could have and would have testified against him and so could have Rons own daughter Lisa Gellings of Oregon, but she was murdered in 2020 and so was his wife Kathy. (Basically anyone who could have and would have testified against him is dead) (You do the math!)  Prince does have alot more evidence.


Why would this pedophile, step-father “MOLEST and BEAT”  A NINE YEAR OLD BABY ?  Because he knew Prince is of “European, Egyptian, African and Jewish Royalty” addtionally, he is racist and he hates Royalty.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! THIS IS ALL  100% FACT AND TRUE!


Now for the truth, behind the truth…

In the 1970s-  It should be known; that Ron walters was one of the “first-rounds” of the pedophile pentagon- (mk ultra, military experiment)- This is when and where they inserted the “super soldier” bullshit inside of people.  They tested these programs on their soldiers-and incarcerated prisoners:  forcing them to beat, molest, rape and torture women and children including raping babys. Yes it was and still is today the pedophile pentagon doing it. 

Ron walters only served in the military for (one year) and was released, after they inserted all of these things inside of him. They then, used their computers to control him and made him torture (lots of people) including Prince, until he was forced to leave home at 17 years old.  

But, the real truth- behind the truth, is this: Ron walters was “being controlled” (via) “mk ultra” (IT WAS THE PEDOPHILE PENTAGON!) molesting children and raping babys. (They were hiding behind Ron walters, controlling him in the first-round of their super soldier bullshit!) 


Why did the pedophile pentagon go after Prince? Because they knew he is of “European, Egyptian, African and Jewish Royalty” and they are Racist and they hate royalty.  (It is not a coincidence that ron and the govt both have the same hatreds.)


Read the police report below and listen to this podcast, where another witness comes forward and tells the story of Prince a Nine year old baby, being sexually molested and abused by his step-father.

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