“Jesus of Nazareth!

Shabbat Shalom

If you are religious person, this could possibly be one of the most important stories you ever read. Have you every wondered where Jesus or King David’s family is? and if they are real, why are they not here with you? Well look no further… Prince Jordan IS King David’s “Great-Grandson” and “Jesus cousin.” which means he is GODS nephew! Umm YES- IT DOES!  That also means The Prince is of Jewish descent! How is that possible? Through his “Matrilineal line. (see Mothers Jewish chart below)  – His father also has Jewish ancestry.

The First Royal Branch

If you look at the (right side) of the (chart below) you will see (two) “highlighted” lines -in red.) That is the “First branch” of Prince Jordan’s family and that line goes all the way to “King David,” “Mary,” “Joseph” and “Jesus.” 


The Second Royal Branch

Next, look at the “Royal-Houses” on the (left side). see those “Red lines”?  That shows how  the second part of Prince Jordan’s family, comes together.  They show, “The House of Norman,” “House of Wessex,” and  “House of Tudor”  Then they all come together later, and form the second branch of Prince Jordans family. There are total of seven royal houses; (Prince family) “created all of them,” those (highlighted in red) are his “Immediate” family lines. 


Question: Does that make Prince a “King” or a “Prince”? 

Answer:  Yes and No!   While his family is a very major royal line,  King David’s family by itself  does not qualify him, rather it is the “combination of all his family lines, that places him at the highest position, through “Proximity of blood” and amount of DNA.


Question: Does that mean that Prince is Jewish?

Answer: Yes it does! (However)  Prince has been to Jewish synagogue’s, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Temples, Catholic Church’s, Pentecostal, Baptist, Non Denominational and all sorts of church’s and places of worship. Prince family have endorsed “religion” since the beginning of time. Does he favor one denomination of religion over another? That is up to you to decide… Read the religious scriptures in your book, and you figure it out for yourself what is best for you.


Artwork: By Kristin Bird Squires 

Question:  What is: “Proximity” of  blood ?”

Answer:  It is how close you are related. It is how much “X” or “Y ” DNA  you have, as result of a “Single” or “multiple-family-lines” coming together. It is the percentage of DNA that you share, from the same family line, same country or same persons. (For example) Prince is an actual: “Clifford,” he has all of the Kings Blood of “Rollo and William the Conqueror” and  He has “King Davids”  blood, he is closest to all Jewish Kings and the Pharoah’s.


See any other names you recognize from the Bible? Abraham? Issac? Jacob? Isreal? Judah? Shem? Pharez, Zarah? Bathsheba, Joseph? Mary? They are Princes Great-Grandparent’s.  


Question: What is required to be “In-line” to the throne of David? 

Answer:  The amount -“Proximity of  King David’s- D.N.A.

Yes! Prince is “King David’s” Grandson and “Jesus-cousin!”  By birth-right: Prince does inherit “The promise” (made by God)  to “rule and reign forever” (via) King David’s family. 


Just like his family that wrote the books of the bible. Prince has been an freelance-“investigative reporter” and “writer” for well over 20 years.  (see all his family trees)- “The Highest Ranking Royal Family 

(Prince Jordans - Mother Kathleen "Jewish Ancestry chart")

The rank Prince holds by:  “Proximity of Blood!”  is very High.  


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