Most people were not born with a need for any sort of legal protections, but if you are like Prince and are literally from a Royal Family and several of them at the same time,  trouble always  seems to want to challenge you.  It seems as though the powers that be are far less inferior and want to man up and show their man skills. thinking it makes them more of a man, but the truth is it doesn’t. 

But what is needed?  The basic “legal education” to protect yourself from would be flamethrowers.  If you do not have the basics, basically, you are a sitting duck to those who do have legal experience. They can screw you and get away with it because they know the law. and unfortunately law was not a requitement in high school. so you probably never learned to defend yourself legally. 

Lets take Prince for example; several times throughout his life, people have mistaken his beauty, kindness, cuteness blond hair and blue eyes for weakness.  But alas they are so far from the truth, it is not even funny. Prince family are all Kings and Queens and Royal Knights. which means they know the law. and they know how to use it to protect themselves and stand up for themselves. They do not abuse it, why? 

well because basically it was Prince family that “invented law” and the “judicial and legal systems”, WROTE THE MAGNA CARTA AND THE 10 COMMANDMENTS ETC..  so if anyone knows how to use it correctly it would be Prince,. 

That being said: here is some advice; it would be in your best interest to learn to “stand up for yourself  legally” and go after those who have wronged you present or past.  Even if that means you need to file 100 civil court cases, it is always best to “stand up for yourself.” or you too may become a victim and get run over like a door mat,. even if you need to sue the city, state or entire country; – just do it! 

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