Artwork by: Kristen Byrd Squires
Kristen Byrd Squires

Royalty or Not Royalty?

Rumors, have been passed for centuries, that Royals are inbred. The funny thing about that? YOU are more imbred than they are!  In fact, almost none of them are imbred.  YES, sorry to burst your bubble, but its true. You see… the Royal Family started in Egypt, Africa, Rome, Germany, France, Europe, Spain, Asia, Mexico and all other countries. So with all of those different nationalities, how can they be imbred?  They lived no where near each other…


The Question: A research of this rumor, was recently conducted and the question was simply asked. Would any “Royal family -Cousins” – Be interested in: “Marrying” a “3rd or 4th cousin?”   Yes or No?

(Although: The question was not serious) – or maybe it was?  (Either way) –  It was based upon these facts:  “Does the True Royal Family descendants,”  have “Embedded” Knowledge in their DNA? and If they do? Are they always the correct answers?   (The answer is Yes, if they are true royalty, they will always have the correct answers.)


“All fifty,” of the persons we interviewed were asked about “Marriage,” and although we did have more questions, we decided not ask.   The  sub-categorical questions were: What if your Royal Family line was dying out?  What if war breaks out and everyone gets killed?  What if that Royal Family line was the very beginning of man kind?  What if your family are the very last connection of Adam and Eve?  What if someone from your bloodline “is the only one that could renew- regenerate and give re-birth to that family line to ensure that man kind stays pure?” What would you say?  What would you do?  What if man kind gets so “mixed up” “babbled” and “watered down” and they all end up being mentally ill, and what if there is no more starting point of mentally stability and mentally stability is gone? (IE) What if your “starting point,” the most (rock solid) “starting point” is the Royal family?  


The Answers:

The answers of the “Fifty” people surveyed?  Each one of them- said… “They would let the human race die”… Because they view marrying a “3rd or 4th” cousin as imbreeding- (Which it is not!)  But, the fact that they even said: “NO!” (Proves beyond a reasonable doubt,) The Royal Family-would never imbreed!  (On the flip side of that: As a result of that: “False Rumor” Sadly, you would all be dead-  because of a rumor YOU started!!!  That is how badly the “False rumor” has conditioned them to think.  (Only one- heroic person, said she would marry a “3rd or 4th Royal family member cousin,” Her name:  Kristen Byrd Squires and as she stated: 3rd or 4th cousins are legal to marry. “and it would not matter anyway, because it is legal!” “and IF he’s cute” “heck yes she would marry him!”


What is the real reason these questions became relevant?   Glad you asked… As Prince Jordan researched  “Royal Families” he realized: “There are “Only a few” of the “Actual-Royal-Family” left on the planet.” What happens when they are all gone? Prince explained: “That most of them have already become: “Washed-out” and “Watered-down” -and over time, it created “Mental-Instability” in the world.”  He goes on further to say:  “What if the world continues the direction it is going? and there are no-more mentally-stable Royal starting points?” “What if you exhaust and “Water-down” all your starting points? You cannot start over, because you didn’t  naturally preserve your original starting points?”  As a result,  you will have “spiraled” the world in to a giant “mental institution”…


QuestionHow does this create “Mental-Instability?” 

AnswerBecause most of the “2nd or 3rd, or 4th”  “Royal-Cousins,”  are already very-“Mixed,” very- “Watered -Down” and “do not care who they marr,y and neither did their parents or Grandparents.” They all seem to “mix and match” with whomever, is nice to them at any particular given moment. without considering the long-term world ramifications.

As a direct result:  These irresponsible: “2nd, 3rd or 4th” Royal-Cousins,  are “carelessly” and “wreck-lessly” marrying “random persons.” and  “They are putting  the world in Danger,” THEY ARE WEAPONIZING  (random persons)  With- “Thousands of years of Ancient Royal DNA.” – The offspring, could snap, take over the world and kill everyone. 



This story, is about being responsible with your DNA.  If you are from royal family or a descendant. You do not just hand that stuff out like your in a grocery store.  Those Royal “Talents” are not a joke, They can “make or break” -“lead” or “destroy” countries.  (During the past thousands of years, All of The Kings and Queens were “very careful” -who they selected and who they gave those royal DNA talents too.



So congratulations to Kristen Byrd Squires, who was smart enough to know, she could save the world.  

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