Prince Jordans Father

This is Prince Jordan’s “Real” Birth Father.  In the 1970s, He was one of the Managers of a K-mart Retail store in San Diego, California. His Responsibility was the Fashionable and Very Important Shoe Department.  (sorry but we love shoes, especially designer expensive shoes.) This man and Prince Mother, met while she was in High School and working  at that same store.. (obviously the two of them met and Prince was Born.) 




But there is more to that story…  Sadly, There was another man who was: “Until Recently, in 2022,”- “Mistakenly” “Originally” thought to Prince birth father:  (Named Tony)  But he was actually a “drunk, “violent,” “alcoholic,” who- instead of being home with his family and wife,- “loved to gallivant around town with boys and other women.” He was so violent while drinking -that in the 1970’s, (Prince Mother) was sent to the Hospital near Lemon Grove, California (on a few occasions.) – (I’ll bet he would do anything to hide that!)  He also “stole” Prince “College Money”–  That his mother set aside.- (Hospital Records Coming soon.)  (Step father) Tony,-was known for “cheating” on his {First wife} and {Second wife.}  He hung around with “alcaholic’s,” “drug addicts,” “shady people” “‘criminals” and “drug dealers,” in San Diego, California.  Then in (2000- 2022) he had the nerve to “condemned”- Prince (“For not being like him!“)   (both of Tony’s wives left him) – (Sorry but we are just spreading the truth!) What is even funnier, is that he has sworn retaliation for spreading the truth.



Upon that divorce from (Tony),  Prince Mother met another man, when Prince was just 7 Years old. That Man “ILLEAGALLY ENTERED” Prince life,  Then he, “ABUSED HIS POSITION OF AUTHORITY” and (while he was the store manager,) “Walked up to” and “Illegally” gave Prince mother (an romantic hug)- while she was “On the clock” and while she was suffering from (obvious depression) as a direct result  from the abuse (Tony) had  bestowed upon  her.  Yes, this new man, was another “violent predator” named, (Ron) who “Capitalized” on and Enjoyed “Torturing and Putting Woman and Children in distress!” (NOTE*) He had previously been “married” and “divorced” to another lady named: “Carol.”  Why the “divorce?”  It was due to the fact:  (Ron) was a “Woman and Child Beater.”  Sadly, he then he met Prince mom, who was already beaten down and distressed!  (RON Capitilized and preyed upon her)  Once he wooed her and married her: (He “beat” and “physically gratified” himself against Prince, from the time Prince was “8 to 17” years old.) So Prince had (Two “Predator”- stepfathers) and one (Real father) that he has never known.  The two stepfathers both did things to Prince that would spin your head, and they were both  military experiments (go figure.!!!) ” It was a blessing,” that Prince (was not fathered by these two “step-retard-predators,”  whom both – “FALSELY CLAIMED”  and lied to the courts to be his dad, and both swore “under oath” that they “knew,” “knew, “”knew,” Prince .. (ROTFLMAO ) which they were not and did not, and never will be!  They never even raised him! How can they lie to the courts?  ..Because that is the type of people they, and all the of people inside of them are!


On the Positive side…. what we can say is this: “Thank Goodness!” (There was this man, above in the photo) (his real father named (Jimmy.) Who is of: Egyptian, African, Scottish and German descent.  That is where this “White-Knight” above enters the picture.  Prince real father above. “A Gentleman and Successful business man!”  You can Just feel the “Warmth, Happiness, Coziness  and Wholesomeness” cant you? 🙂 

Question: Who does Prince resemble the most? Answer: Lucky for Prince, His mother! Grandmother and Great Grandmother- Her Majesty!  Even Luckier for Prince: His Royal DNA “overwrote” these issues, to make them almost null and void.  IE: His Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers, His Majesty!   KING ROLLO AND WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR. 


*(Note) Prince and his Real father – both have “Egyptian” noses! 

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