Who is The legit King of England?

(The Real Authentic Plantagenet Family!) Prince Jordan’s Mom, Kathleen and His Uncle Mike.  (*Note) The red (afro) hair on both of their heads. 

Yes that is an afro, as they are the direct lines to Moses, Abraham, The Jewish King David and the Pharaoh’s of Africa and Egypt..

Who is the legit King of England

The “Picasso,” “Mattisse,” “Van-Goh, “Dali,” “Renoit”  portraits above… Yes, those people you are looking at (obviously) are “King Rollo” and “William the Conquerors”-Grandchildren.  You would have to be blind, not to see that. But who is “King Rollo” and “William” ?  Glad you asked,  they are the real life, Majestic Kings that gave birth to the “The Plantagenet family.” 

Who are The Plantagenets?  They were / are: the most beautiful, rugged, powerful, stunning, legal-political; Royal family in world History!” (They are also known as, the “De-Clifford-family.)  Yes – (The people in the picture above-) They are todays modern 2022 / Clifford-family (aka) Plantagenets! (Photo Above:) Mike looks just like his Grandfather King Henry III and Kathleen looks just like several of her grandmothers. We have more photos, but it is not important who Prince Jordan’s parents and uncles are- is it???


The “Plantagenet / Clifford”   – branch of the Royal family Line!

The Majestic-Plantagenet family line, begins with the beautiful Pharaohs of Golden-Egypt, and the Lions of Northern Africa.  It literally “walks on water” in Jerusalem. Then, it travels- “with love” to Europe-cascading through “King Rollo,” dancing with “William the Conqueror” and the famous “Clifford Castle.” Then like a sparkling butterfly floating in the wind;  the line sailed through: “King Henry I,” – II and magically, ended up with the most popular (King Henry Plantagenet III.) – It was this Powerful King that had (two) children named: (Lord Edward) and (King Edward.) Now, ever since living in Egypt, Africa and Jerusalem, this family line have always been “Responsible,” “Mature,” ” Honest” “Regal” and “Royal.” As time moved forward -advancing them to modern day, of 2022, “they used the political last names of;  “Norman,” “Plantagenet,” and “De-Clifford.” Their actual birth name in 900 A.D. was “Norman.”  Why?  Because Rollo and William were born in: (Normandy, France.) It was around 1,000 A.D. when they became known as Europe’s-Royal-family. (In actuality they were Egyptian and Jewish-Pharaohs) but, here they were; producing all of the Kings, Queens and Beautiful Princess”  That was only part of their job, they other part was creating and protecting the people and  countries. They created; Parliament, “The House of Plantagenet,” “The House of Lancaster “I” and “II,”  “The House of Beaufort,” the “The House of Tudor” and they basically created the world! 


The Beaufort’s / Tudors

In case your not familiar:  The “Beaufort” family – are an  branch- of the “Plantagenet Family.” (Yes, they are still Plantagenets)- but, they are the “mixed line-” Instead of the pure line.  You see, they did change their last names and became the “Majestic and Royal” “Tudor” family, but the truth is, they are an “illegitimate branch.”  Who are the “Beaufort’s”?  They are an Wonderful English- Noble- family- which originated  as – “The family of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster.”  You see, “The Royal House of Beaufort” was a beautiful house, it was inherited, by “Plantagenet” – John of Gaunt, whom (married for love) his “stunning” mistress,  Katherine Swynford in 1396.  (okay that’s real life, it happens!)  But, remember; these are Gods family. IN THE BIBLE, GOD GAVE YOU (TEN)- {NOT A MILLION,} HE GAVE YOU (ONLY TEN) SIMPLE, EAZY TO UNDERSTAND, SPECIFIC COMMANDMENTS- AND ONE OF THEM IS TO “REMAIN FAITHFUL!” HOW HARD IS THAT???  There is no excuse, to cheat. Yes! (Royalty are Human too) and Yes, “The “Plantagenets” are notoriously known for being faithful, even to a deadly fault!!!”  Yes! (10 out of 10 times)  Plantagenets, will choose “love over money.”  But “Johns cheating with his mistress,” will have long lasting consequences for the rest of eternity. This is why you do not  disobey GODs rules.  Those rules are not a joke!!!  

John did not realize it then,  but years later, John and his entire family, would find out the hard way.  Their children were not born Royalty.  They were born “Illegitimate.”  That means, they can never Qualify for the throne, but they do Qualify for his will. anyways… Years Later… John “Illegally”-“abused his authority” and “abused his powers” and “illegally” had his children “legitimated” by  (His own nephew) King Richard II and by Pope Boniface IX.  (OOPS!) Even today, that is still illegal) Not saying he’s a criminal, but that is not legal.  (So just as it always does,  the truth did come out and Parliament said: “sorry John, that wont fly, that wont work.”  (Although John did it for Love)  sadly;  John,  broke the royal family laws, and Gods commandments, when he broke the direct-lines to Egypt and King David.  The result was this:  As a result of his “cheating” (In total) there were “four DISQUALIFIED children,” It was Johns disqualified son: (Edward III) that  inherited all of the Beaufort’s estates and became (King Edward III of England.)

Can we side with John? Sure. (He proved he was human and fell in love) but he broke the Royal Laws and broke Gods rule of “Faithfulness” and that message will last for eternity. 


Royalty Equals- Your Real Grandparents!  Based upon the information’s that we were given in america, by the governments and all its secret agencies,  Johns Actions, allowed for NON-Grandparents to take over and rule. so that being said: (They were related,) but they cut out your real Grandparents, and then allowed your real Grandparents to be prosecuted hanged and killed. We are not comfortable with, that how about you???

Who is your real Grandparents? Prince Jordan is one of them.


The House of Tudor

That brings us to “The House of Tudor.” It was descended from the Royal –Beaufort’s (Via) Margaret Beaufort and  (her son King Henry VII.)  Today all of the current English and British monarchs, Kings and Queens, are descended from, Henry VII.  (Hmmmm) NOW…LETS STOP RIGHT THERE! 

Question: So you mean that we have a long line of fakes? Where is the real line at? Answer: If (Lady-Margaret Beaufort) is Prince Jordan’s Grandmother (on one side) and (on the other side)  (Edmund Crouchback) is Prince Jordan’s Grandfather, then Prince is stuck in the middle. (between the two lines)  (Tudor and Plantagenet!) (One is legitimate and one is not?)


The last “Plantagenet / Somerset”

Historians say: The family line from John of Gaunt, that continues to exist (changed there name) and today in 2022, that same “illegitimate” family (surname) is now “Somerset.” The “Senior” representative of which is Henry Somerset, 12th Duke of Beaufort. He is the male-line descendant, via both a “legitimated” and -“illegitimate” line of King Henry II, the first Plantagenet King of England.  (However,) sadly for him: an “Order” by King Henry IV (in 1406) “blocked” his entire  family  line, from any claim to the throne.” Which means he also blocked the 2022 Somerset branch and (Technically) (PLEASE FORGIVE US IF WE ARE WRONG)  But, that Technically, means Queen Elizabeth II, and her entire family are also blocked?  (IF THERE IS ANY EVIDENCE THAT PROVES OTHERSWSE, WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW!) It also means; that ALL of England’s assets belongs to the “Plantagenets” (Which does include the persons in the photo above,)  which does also mean –HRH Prince Jordan.


What Changed? When the deposed; King Richard III, remains were discovered in the year of 2012. It was proven that  Henry Somerset the 5th duke of Beaufort’s, “Y-DNA Chromosome” of his descendants, “did not match” King Richard III, meaning; that somewhere, in one of their pedigrees family lines, there was a false paternity event. meaning they are not “Qualified,” Plantagenets! 


Who has the Legal Claim? 

Based upon the above information and to the best of our ability’s, That would Possibly, “revert” back to a time before: “John of Gaunt!”  That would most defiantly mean the “House of Plantagenet” and Possibly “The Royal  House of Lancaster II.” It is an “Official Plantagenet House.” Which there are only 8,000 Living descendants. It-is earliest associated with Prince Jordan’s Grandfather -(Lord-Edmund Crouchback, 1st Earl of Lancaster.  It was named after him, because he was the youngest and second son of: King Henry III.  Now, This information is based upon the reports that since everyone “Possibly” gave “false truths” and “false claims” to the throne of England. It would be “highly illegal and immoral,” if these claims were obtained by “fraud, trickery and deception.” That means this entire case should legally “revert” back to the original owners.  

Who is the original owner? That would be “The House of Plantagenet.”  (aka)  (The Clifford’s.)  To wit:  King Henry III,  King Henry I,  Lord Edmund Crouchback,  Eleanor of Castile etc… That is if you believe in “Honesty,” “Integrity” and “Truthfulness!”  Or maybe you prefer, cheating your Grandparents??? and Maybe you prefer cheating yours and their children and Grandchildren???  Yes, it is 100% True!  by “Fraud” “Trickery” and “Deception” According to reports, someone stole the benefits; from everyone. The entire world could have been raised by their actual real Grandparents! Instead they were raised by NON-ROYALS!  AS THE TRUE DEFINITION OF ROYAL MEANS YOUR GRAND-PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO IN OTHER WORDS ANYONE ELSE, is an imposter?  PLEASE FORGIVE US If we ae wrong,  but  (No wonder the commoners  hate royalty) They were cheated and raised by “fake Grandparents,” “fake royalty.” that they did not descend from, that did not understand them at all. 

Here is the beautiful thing about Prince He IS your  Grandparent. His line- sits on the fence. He is Half Tudor / Half Plantagenet and 100% Royal. He sees both sides. (*Note) Lord Edward Crouchback is Prince Grandfather and he has only 8,000 descendants,  Additionally:  Prince  is “Next in line” (By Proximity of Blood and Proximity of DNA.) (*Note) If pure royal blood is not available, (legally) the titles fall back to the person with the closest proximity and highest DNA count! 

Now, lets look at this fun fact-“Prince is also a Tudor!”  (The entire house, are all his great-aunts and uncles). So no matter how you slice it- whether you say Prince is a “Tudor” or “Plantagenet,” (either way he wins) because he is both…  Is there more secrets?  Yes! Definitely! and NO, we have not dropped the bombshell on you yet, but trust us, that is coming very soon… 

oh and the additional dynasties, Prince is caught in the middle of are:   “Loftus,” “Littlefield,” “Le-Strange,” “Gray,” “Smith,” “Wentworth,” “Aldrich,”  and  “Spencer.”  The most compelling part of this?  Several of those are his immediate family, that were “christened” and “Blessed” by Queen Elizabeth I,-  before they were sent to British-america. -(It used to be owned by the British.)  Prince family, were employed by “Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth I.” That means, their move was scheduled- to win the war-  rule america, as King and Queen, with all people in position to take the throne.

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