The Prince of Pharoahs

How can Prince Jordan be a “Pharaoh ?”  As you may or may not know, he is not just anybody…  Prince is sort of an anomaly. He is directly descended of King David, Jesus, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But, did you know; before Isreal and Jerusalem, his family were Pharaoh’s from Egypt ?

Look at the chart below.  

See the (Red Lines) on the right-side? Those goes straight to Prince  from the Modern Day PharaohsKing David, Jesus, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Joseph, Mary and Moses

Look at the (Red lines) on the left-side, they also go to Prince. That means he has five Pharaoh lines that go directly to him.  

Ah! but which one is the most relevant? That is up to you to decide. “We think they are all relevant,”. but some scholars might argue, the ones on the right are more prominent-because they go directly to King David, Jesus and  Moses.




So how much Ancient “Egyptian “Jewish” & Pharaoh” blood does the Prince have in him?  Answer: ALOT!

Want proof? It is literally right in your face. The Egyptians and Jewish people; love to write, record, document, Inscribe, design and build things– like this website! Next, Look at his nose- It is an “Egyptian Nose” then  look at his face and body. It is well known that people of Black, African, Egyptian nationalities age very well- sometimes looking 30 when they are 50.  (Prince is almost 50)… You do the math!

Why the “Prince of Pharaoh’s?”  Most people descend from one line of Pharaohs- Prince has several (combined at the same time) then they come back together again later, making him literally the “Prince of Pharaoh’s,” with more Pharaoh Blood x5, Oh and that Includes the DIRECT LINE of  King David and Jesus!

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