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United States  Abuse Lawsuit


The Roman Catholic Church has been rocked by a series of scandals involving pedophile priests. But nobody is talking about the “elephant in the room,” and that is the “us government” and their involvement, which is on purpose. You see they intentionally diverted your attention away from them, to the Catholic churches- in hopes they could  “erase your memory” and you would “forget” that they are the ones behind it, and that you would become so distracted – that you would not do the math, all of the evil things they are doing “behind the scenes” to its own citizens (Including your children.) -they were hoping you would  forget – THEY ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS.  

They are trying to keep the public so “distracted and overwhelmed”  that you actually fall asleep mentally, but it does not work? NO! because people are not stupid. Increasingly the public is catching on, and is becoming aware;  that us government agencies sexually abused Men, Women and children. As a result, The victims and their families are stepping forward to seek justice through civil lawsuits against the United states and its leadership. 

Prince Jordan is one of the worlds Great Grandfathers. He has peaked the interest of many Injury Lawyers, His personal injury attorneys are legal advocates for adult and childhood sexual assault victims harmed by agencies and persons in leadership positions.  They fight aggressively for physical, mental, and sexual abuse survivors’ rights and help seek financial compensation through civil lawsuits and compensation claims. They are working on cases with Harassment, Injuries, Property Damage, Liability, Illegal transferring on wealth, and more. Contact us today by using the contact form to schedule a call. All confidential or sensitive information you share is private.

Allegations Made Against US Government agencies and  Leaders

The US Government has been plagued by allegations of many types of  abuse from poisoning, murder, set ups, false incarceration, false arrest, illegal seizure, illegal forfeitures, policing for profit, child molestation for experiments, child molestation for pleasure, rape for experiments, rape for pleasure, blackmail, espionage, spying, treason, racketeering, digital spying, digital stalking, digital harassment, digital Rape, Malpractice, Fraud, Medical Malpractice, committing crimes under the color of office , Kidnapping, Petnapping, pimping, Pandering, Prostitution, organized crime, running an illegal crime syndicate, acting under the color of law and more  

Many of these claims involve allegations of sexual abuse committed decades ago and even today. There is concern among some that the US Government, CIA, NSA, NASA and Pentagon  may be attempting to “cover up” or otherwise “obstruct justice” for survivors who need to hold accountable those responsible for such crimes. They are acting “under the Color of law” by citing they have Governmental Immunity. (for these crimes) The truth be known: they do not have immunity, for these types of crimes. 

This lawsuit represents clients who have suffered at the hands of abusive personnel, agents, officers, officials, representatives, or Third-Party un-named individuals that are contracted, sub-contracted verbally orally or other with them. We provide legal “resources” with compassion and dignity while protecting  the clients rights under law.

We will help you to find an attorney to fight to ensure that you receive all compensation due to you as a victim so you can heal from your trauma caused at the US GOVERNMENT and all of its agencies,  and move on with your life without financial worry or burden. We understand how difficult it can be for survivors of childhood and adult abuse and sexual abuse

The US GOVERNMENT Being Scrutinized

Over the past 200 years, the us government has been scrutinized in every state, and every country, including California, for how they handle the people, the country, the world and themselves.. Many of these Mental and Physical, Abuse and sexual abusers targeted their victims at home, at  schools, Church, In public at work,  parishes, summer camps, Church-related functions, and sporting events. To date, over 10,000  US Government leaders potentially have credible allegations against them that they took part, had knowledge Knew or reasonably should have known they were Mentally, Physically or sexually molested, raped tortured, murdered, Falsely Imprisoned, with the intentions of injuring, causing permanent damage, and experimented on adults and  young adults and underage children.

In 2022, Prince Jordan Tyson plans on filing a “Class Action”-  “Civil lawsuit.” In response, many of these victims are now seeking financial compensation against those who  harmed them. In some cases, the abuse survivors have added the US GOVERNMENT defendant in their suits because officials “hid and covered up the evidence.”


Sexual, Physical and Mental Abuse Victims Deserve Compensation

It is common for victims of any type of Governmental abuse to FEAR THEM, AND BE AFRAID FOR THEIR LIVES, as  well as being afraid to “report the abuse” and  “sexual assault” and to wait years or decades to pursue justice. EVEN ATTORNEYS, POLICE OFFICERS , DISTRICT ATTORNEYS AND LAWYERS ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES, FEAR AND ARE AFRAID TO AGAINST THE UNITED STATES- BECAUSE THEY KNOW, THAT  THEY WILL INTENTIONALLY “REVOKE THEIR LICENCE”  “TAKE THEIR HOMES” AND “JOBS” AND OR “MURDER THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES.”  In many cases, the abuse and assault survivor lives in “fear of retaliation” by the predator agencies and Government who threatened or intimidated their victim into silence and submission By using “verbal” “Physical” or  “Subliminal messages” as an weapon. Other times, officials hide the evidence from the public, and law enforcement to protect the agencies at the cost of the abused and the sexual abuse survivor.

By the time many of these cases come to light, the District Attorney’s Office has no other option than to drop the charges due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Fortunately, California state legislators and the Governor enacted a new law that extends the statute to provide ample time for survivors who lost their opportunity to file a claim after the assault occurred.

Indicators of Sexual Assault

The United States CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) maintains statistics that revealed over 70% of males and 25% of females seventeen years old and younger had been sexually abused. More than nine out of ten of the sexual abuse victims knew their predator was when the rape, abuse, molestation, or sodomizing occurred. In the years afterward, the survivors often experienced significant challenges in building lasting relationships with family, friends, partners, spouses, and coworkers. WHAT THE CDC KNEW OR REASONABLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, BUT FAILED TO REPORT, WAS THAT MOST OF THOSE WERE CREATED BY THE US GOVERNMENT IN AN EXPERIEMENT. 

Some of the apparent indicators of sexual abuse are not easy to see. Many times, the sexual predator AKA US GOVERNMENT threatens or causes to be threatened, or intimidates the prey to ensure that the deviant action by the abuser remains hidden. The horrific tactics that can keep a victim silent can express themselves in other ways that might include apparent physical signs. 

The Physically and sexually abused victim might display emotional or behavioral signs that include:

  • A display of fear when left alone with a particular individual
  • Inappropriate behavior, especially in very young victims
  • A sense of ongoing worry or excessive fear
  • The avoidance of taking off clothing when changing or bathing
  • A display of simulated Violent, Mentally  or Verbally  activity
  • Talking excessively about sex, Violence, or Manipulations
  • Nightly bedwetting in teenagers, older children, and toddlers
  • A sudden unexplained change in the victim’s eating habits including decreased appetite, difficulty in swallowing or refusing to eat
  • Visual signs of insecurity or withdrawal
  • Fear of the dark or waking up from nightmares
  • Declaring that their body is dirty, immoral, or repulsive

Many of the emotional and behavioral scars left behind, after a sexual abuse experience can last a lifetime. Typically, the victim will develop lifelong depression, ongoing anxiety, deep-seated post-traumatic stress disorders, or other unhealthy condition.

To protect young children, adults must ensure that they respect the minor’s boundaries and limit his or her access to anyone who engages in inappropriate behaviors, including touching. Listen to what the child wants to say. Believing what you are told is the best way to start a healthy and open dialogue about his or her feelings. Knowing what happened can ensure you and your child remains protected from this moment forward.

THE California Child Victims Act (Assembly Bill 218)

Each state may be different but Beginning January 1, 2016, a new California law – Assembly Bill 218 (California Child Victims Act) – increased the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims from age 26 to age 40. After January 1, 2019, AB 218 allowed a one-year window to revive time-barred claims by those who have been sexually abused as children, and who now file civil claims against their abusers. The related Senate Bill 813 will permit adult victims of sexual abuse who are currently barred from filing civil claims because of the statute of limitations to bring their lawsuits within one year of January 1, 2017, or within three years of the date, they discover both:

(1) that they have suffered a psychological injury caused by sexual abuse, and

(2) that their injury was caused by the sexual abuse they suffered as a child.

SB 813 also gives survivors more time to file lawsuits after turning 40 but has no retroactive component. This bill applies primarily to claims against private institutions such as churches, charitable organizations, youth groups, sports teams/programs, etc., and public entities such as school districts and police departments, for child sexual abuse by those who were in positions of trust.

The California Child Victims Act may also apply to claims against those responsible for the care of a child such as teachers and doctors if there is sufficient evidence that they knew or had reason to know about the abuse but failed to report it.

The bill will only apply to crimes perpetrated by priests and clergy members after January 1, 2017.

AB 218 has been hailed as a landmark reform by many sexual abuse survivors and their advocates because it closes a loophole in the current California statute of limitations for child sex abuse claims. In 2003, California lawmakers extended the civil statute of limitations from age 21 to age 26 but did not change the time limits for criminal prosecution of perpetrators.

The Statute of Limitations: How Long You Have To File a Clergy Sexual Abuse Case

The deadline for filing a civil claim under the new AB 218 and SB 813 generally depends on the age of the victim at the time of the sex abuse and whether they were minor when the clergy abuse occurred.

These clergy abuse claims can sometimes be brought decades after they occurred – as long as three years from turning 40 – which is why it is crucial that you contact us as soon as possible after you realize that you have suffered a psychological injury caused by sexual abuse.

Please note, however, that Assembly Bill 218 does not apply to criminal cases involving the Church, priests, and clergy members facing allegations of clergy abuse. Criminal charges must be filed within 8 years of the date that the sex crime occurred.

There is no deadline for filing lawsuits if the abuser is still alive and has not yet been convicted of the sex crime because the lawsuit will not be time-barred until that person dies. This deadline is extended by three years after the abuser’s death.

All lawsuits must be filed within one year of the date that AB 218 goes into effect. As SB 813 has no retroactive component to revive old claims, it will not apply to cases that were already time-barred.


A Successful Abuse Case Requires Critical Evidence

The sooner that we are able to start gathering evidence on your behalf, the better our chances are of winning. Retaining legal counsel early can allow us to preserve important pieces of evidence that might otherwise be lost or altered.

You can also help your case significantly by keeping detailed records of any communications you had with the entity or  organization that employed the perpetrator; this includes emails, letters, memos, notes, and records of phone calls.

These items might contain information that is important for us to obtain during our investigation, so please do not throw these away or alter them in any way.

We Have the Resources to Fight for Justice on Your Behalf

Our legal teams have decades of combined experience and they have dedicated their careers to ensuring that all survivors of abuse receive the justice that they deserve. We and they know how to investigate a case and understand what kind of evidence is needed to win before a jury, which makes all the difference when it comes down to winning your case.

We and They  will work tirelessly on behalf of our clients so that you can focus on recovering from your psychological injuries.

Settlement Options for Victim Survivors of Abuse

There are many different factors that will be taken into consideration when determining whether or not to settle with your perpetrators. For example, the availability of witnesses who were present during the abuse is crucial evidence in winning a case against an accused  abuser because it can provide proof that they committed the offenses.

If the Government agency, person or third party  that employed or caused to be employed by your abuser is also named as a defendant, it can also strengthen your legal claim if they knew or should have known about the incidents of childhood abuse because they failed to take action to stop them.

If you are able to win your case against your credibly accused perpetrator, then a legal team will work with you to ensure that you receive the maximum financial compensation that you deserve. We will ensure that your rights are preserved and help you file a motion to waive your statutory right to a confidentiality agreement.

All confidential or sensitive information you share with our law firm about being abused or sexually abused during a confidential consultation remains private..

Further Reading!



The Pentagon, CIA , FBI, NSA, and NASA have all been using “human beings”  as experiments since the early 1900s, They use both “alive and dead” body’s. Since the early 1900’s  they have “illegally kidnapped,” “drugged” and “inserted” experimental devices and organs and various other foreign objects and items, into living people without consent or knowledge. They used those devices to manipulate peoples “thoughts,” “choices,” “actions,” and “decisions” without knowing it. They call that “technology,” They are calling that the future.  When in fact in reality it is:  “HUMAN TRAFFICKING,” “CHILD MOLESTATION,” “PEDOPHELIA” and “RAPE!” If you or anyone you know, suspects that you may be a victim please contact us: 


Some of the Symptoms include:

Making actions or saying things- That you did not say or do.

Hearing voices or whispers.

Thinking things you would not think.

Unexplained overnight talents such as: Ability to Sing, Dance, Act, Draw and Paint, Fly an airplane, or other overnight skill, that you can now do.  etc.. and that talent has never been in your family line before. 

Unexplained Early Deaths, Illness or Diseases such as cancer, diabetic, Heart problems Breathing problems (Such as Alpha one syndrome) Heart Attacks, Mental illness and it has never been in your family before. 

Unexplained and Abnormal random car Accidents or Accidents

Unexplained Acts of Harrasment, Outbursts or Violence upon you 


The government does these things by stalking and spying on you through cameras that they install everywhere around you and/ or inserting “pinhole” cameras  inside of your body usually (behind your eyes or in your tear ducts.) This is the same items they put on their soldiers in war so they can track them and see what they are doing while they have computers move their body around.  aka Super Soldiers. and that is illegal. They also illegally put in audio listening devices .

With those same cameras and audio devices they watch you and your family naked doing personal and private things. including your children and they force you and your children to do, act and say things that THEY want you to do.

(Including sleeping with the government agencies personnel and people they select.)


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