When someone “anyone” becomes or is a “Public figure” they are “investigated,” by every agency known to man. (That) is” “allegedly,” to ensure they are not a public threat!  The funny part is: (IF) someone is: “Going Public,” They “Most  Likely” are so transparent, they have nothing to hide anyway. (Common sense 101.)  But, a very strange things happens called: “FACT CHECKERS.” People who want to find more about you,. They want to look into your underwear, your closet, your shower, under your bed, in your fingernails- for any clues, that might lead them to be able to  have “CONTROL” over you.. (So you cannot discover things about them.) – that’s what fact checkers do!

As an “Authentic”- Investigative Reporter;  Prince Jordan’s family is “very ancient,”  (Including his Scotland Yard family) and  (His Security agencies of England and Ireland family) – He does not need to fact check. “He already knows” What you are up to, and What you are doing! He does not waste time, on small things. You see: Prince is one of the “Worlds Grandparents” (or in the Alternate)- The “Closest Royal Family member, that you will probably ever meet.” That means: 85% of you: are his- “Great-Grandchildren.” That also means that: “You cannot fool him.” Why? because YOU got your skills from HIM, he did not get his skills from you!

Therefore: when The Prince “investigates,” He already knows, what he is doing and looking for. When you investigate: You most likely, have “no idea” -“what your looking at or for” – (Governments included!) That is  “One” of the reasons, why- Prince Jordan’s family “Created” or  (Co-Created)- “Parliament” in the first place. They knew; that “specific department” was needed to (oversee, Regulate and Monitor) the Governments  AND ALL THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.  Yes, it is Prince Jordan’s family: “Who told the Governments what to do.” Why? As your Grandparents, (They already knew) The governments would need an agency to “Keep them in check!”) Why?  NONE OF THE GOVERNMENTS, HAVE A CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

Now: (If the Governments, don’t know what they are looking at, or what to investigate ?) What makes the You, (the public,) think that you do?  “None of you” or “them”- were given any proper training!” Therefore, You all- need to stop being: “Fact Checkers” on people that are trying to rise to the top. Maybe- just maybe, they are trying to help you?  But (if) you got your training from the government, (which you probably did, by “watching and learning” from their actions)  you probably act just like them: you stop, alter, threaten, destroy, obstruct  anyone who is trying to help you or them. (Yes! They are that stupid!)

For Example: Let us suppose YOU are government, and you decide to Investigate Prince, (like some did.) That is ok!  (That is your right)  and (That is fine) (That is what, His family taught you to do.)  BUT WHAT THEY DID NOT TEACH YOU TO DO, IS BE WRONG, AND WASTE EVEREYONES TIME!   Why?”  YOU came from Prince Jordan’s family, (He did not come from yours!)  His family does not make mistakes: It is YOU! -your family and friends that make mistakes. Prince family were born as: King David’s, Moses and Jesús family (SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE,) (Most) of His family is perfect! and They were born perfect!  It was YOUR “attitude” and “flaws” that caused the tarnish’s and blemish’s and problems in his and other peoples lives. -So when you investigate, Please make sure you have “all 100 % of the training” that Prince, family gave you and DO NOT USE THE WATERED DOWN VERSIONS! Otherwise you are just an embarrassment, to your Grandparents and all of the Royal Families,. 

In the bible:  “The Bad people” “were always searching to make Jesús imperfect, they were all searching to bring down or tarnish King David and Moses.” (That story has not changed) They are still trying to get rid of “God, Jesús and Moses family” Even today, (because they are perfect.) Our advice to you is: “Stop investigating- Jesús family and trying to “re-invent the wheel!”  “Start focusing on yourself and your own problems.” 

Prince Jordan has been an “investigative reporter,” since- High school. He wrote for the Pacific Coast News, The Wall Magazine, Fort Bragg Advocate Newspaper and Mendocino Beacon and his story’s were published in the Ukiah Daily Journal. He even owned and published two of his own magazines.  (By the way) that is only one of Prince Jordan’s talents. He is also a Writer and Pro-Per Attorney! 

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