Prince Jordan, has a “argent” or “pearl” complexion. What Nationality do you assume he is? Well if you said: “White!”  You are very wrong! That is “Assumption” and “Prejudiced.”  By doing that, you have already placed a “false label” upon him, you have “stereo-typed” and “cast-him in the “pits of hell” with all the bad things, the “criminal white people” did and are still doing.

Prince is Egyptian, African, Roman, German, Jewish, French, Irish / Scottish, English / British.  (In laymans terms) that is known as: – “THE ROYAL FAMILY LINE!”  (Yes, you came from that line, but he is the very top of it, going back 5,000 years!) Did you know, some of the: Egyptian’s, were black and some were white?  That is one reason, “Racial Profiling” and “Discrimination” is “Illegal in every country,” and so is: “Prejudice against any color, or Nationality.”  (Especially against Prince and the Royal Families!) Because: they are “All Nationalities” at the same time. THAT is one of the reasons it is: “TREASON” to “harm” or “cause harm” to him or his family.  Another fact?  “Racial discrimination” is: (One of the reasons and elements) – “Intertwined” with Treason.”  It was Prince Jordan’s family, who wrote those laws: to protect themselves as Great-Grandparents! They already knew the Royal lines (and each of them) were PERFECT! 

(For Example) Let us suppose that you attacked Prince-  You would be charged with a “Hate Crime” of another nationality and You would be charged with “Treason” as he is a “Protected and Royal family member” descendant and you would be charged with the actual crime itself, which means you would have enhancements and possibly get the death penalty or serve a 25 to life sentence, (no matter who you are!) Now if you are government entity attacking him or setting him up, that is 10 times worse. That is automatic “Treason” and “Death Penalty,” because you “knew” or “reasonably should have known”  he was  a Royal Family member and descendant. So you see, It is not wise to ASSUME that someone is a  particular Nationality based upon their skin color. It could backfire on you! 

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