Spouse Abuse and Violence

Lets take a look at one  of the worlds most “unspoken problems.” Family Domestic, verbal and Spouse abuse.” This affects lot of people all across the world for one reason or another. Yes! (It has even affected Prince.) You see; when he was born, his mother was a Royal  Great-Granddaughter and His father was a Royal Great-Grandson (Both) from: “Separate Royal Houses.” and they were High School Sweethearts. 

Yes, we know that is: “Charming and Cute,” but being from two royal families- As you can imagine,  they both had “Their Own Ideas” of how to “run the household” and “how their son should be raised.” (They did both agree, on a few things) like “Private Schools” and “Christian or Catholic schools.” But they did not agree on a lot of other things…  About 3 years old, Prince Mom and Dad began “arguing and fighting.”  Although it was not a “physical boxing” match- there was “Physical-Accidents   Yes-sadly those do happen, when two adults, “Act like children” and “cannot control themselves” or their “arguing.” It is just a matter of time, as  “Someone is bound to get hurt.”  It does not mean they didn’t love each other, it simply means, that they could not agree and “lacked the necessary skills to communicate.” (obviously)  Prince has no problems with communication, and never has! In fact he is pretty much number one in communication skills.  as a  result,  these scenarios NEVER  take place in his household.  As for his Parents?  There was no excuse!!!  (That was a bad call, on both of their parts.)  In their defense- They were just “17 and 19” years old.  There “Hearts might have been in the right place,” But, this couple-  (was way too young) to be raising a child and be married. They were barley in High School and barely supporting themselves. – (Right Idea!- Wrong Time!)  -We get it!  The Positive Good news is… They brought you Prince!  

Five years later, His Mom and Dad, were financially doing very well. They owned a home, three brand new cars, a dog named (Isaac) a cat, named (Midnight)  A Cockatiel named (Spike) and a Goldfish named- (bubbaloobop)- (Prince named them all..)  But his parents, “High School Sweetheart” – Relationship,  came to a screeching halt.  (That was a Good thing for them) very bad for their son. For whatever reason  Her new Boss, at her New job, was the store General Manager and walked up to her one day “ABUSING HIS POWERS OF AUTHORITY AND POSITION OF TRUST”  gave Prince Mom a hug.  From that point, she  found a new partner- A  6 foot ‘5 -(250 pound) Linebacker of a man. He was a “Store Manager” and “Car Salesman Manager.” Although, there are many good store managers and  many good sales man out there, (This man was not one of them.) But his timing of that Hug, must of been what she needed.

In reality: This man was a 6’5,  “Triple-Psychopathic”- violent predator-man-inside-a-man.” He already been married once and divorced Once. Because he “violently beat” his first wife, carol and his own children. He also happens to have had a very “violent weirdo and pedophile” (inside of him.) (When we say inside of him: we mean controlling him.) We mean- it was “deep inside him,” (as if someone put it there, to conduct an experiment.) You do the math.  He was an- Child Abuser and more, on all levels and all sides. He and all of his inside weirdo people, began abusing; “Women, Babies and Children” from the time  Prince was just 8 years old to 17.  There were so many incidents that it would “Spin your head,” just as it “literally” did to Prince!  Yes, This “Eight and Nine” year old “baby boy,” was “violently beaten, and sent to the Hospital, “By that man, and all of the people inside of  that man from an early age! “(See Records below) ” Also see That mans military record he was only in long enough for them to put super solider crap, inside of him -then they fired him and sent him back into the public.  Prince mother tried stopping the abuse, but then, every time she got in his way, he and all the people inside of him,  would beat, rape, molest and abuse her too. 

Why did she stay with him? Sadly the man had a “Magnetic,” “Addictive,” “Almost cult-like presence,” He was a “Giant, and towered over everyone.” He was a “car salesman,” a “con-artist”  and he had a “Sense of Humor” he used like “Ammunition” or as “Some sort of weapon.”  Prince Mother tried to leave him, many times, but he always was able to “get the sale” “con her” and “get her back.” so that he could repeat the entire thing over again. Hew was addicted to violence.

Luckily; Prince Grand-father was a “Catholic-Monsignor” (A Very “High Ranking,” Catholic-Church-Official) (Just a few positions down from the Pope.)   He gladly stepped in- and intervened.  He tried to “halt the abuse” by using his “Passive -Catholic, Preaching and Teachings.” Did it work? Yes it did,  But once the Pastor left, it started right up again.  That single, problem- left Prince with no way out. no other options, However, when a recruiter came to his school and gave a student speech, that included the words: “YOU CAN MOVE AWAY FROM HOME,”  Prince “volunteered” to take  the job and ended up leaving home at 17 years old- working for the “State of California” “Fire Department program- called the “CCC.”  

What is the CCC? (California Conservation Corps) That is a “Federal Program” that; President: Teddy Roosevelt created, to help “Under-Privileged” persons become more independent.   Ahhh but alas, The State of California, forgot one very, very important fact.  The Prince was only 17 years old, (He was still a baby, he was a minor)  “He had not even graduated High School yet,”  and on top of that, he was badly bruised and beaten for 10 years.  Due to these facts,  and the fact he received several blows to the head, by a 6’5 Violent adult man,  The Prince “Mental capacities” were most likely not up to everyone else’s at his age.  As a result of California’s negligence, they hired him, and  led him to a very disastrous situation that literally created a “chain of events” that would injure the Prince for the rest of his life.

Although the State was responsible for hiring a Minor, and moving him 1000 miles away from his family,  (The funny part is) they also tried to (Reverse)  the blame and say it was Prince fault!)   {DO YOU NOTICE AN M.O. HERE?  That means it comes from the same place as all the other people,  who did Prince wrong and then (reversed) it and blamed him


Either way, The Prince was a (minor) he was in no shape or mental state to even be on his own. Somehow, that must have been written on this; “lost little boys face,” when  a “Grown Woman” decided to take him in.  At first; it seemed like a dream come true, it seemed like she cared, but that quickly changed when she and a few others in her family were discovered to be involved in “very heavy” and “very serious”- criminal activities. It would not be long after, they began to advance upon this minor boy, their “personal-gratifications.” Prince thinking that “this was the way things were supposed to be, when having fun,” This abused and beaten, (minor) boy, was “forced” to become involved in their lifestyles, and  that spiraled him down many other bad stories.  Including: Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery, Drugs, Prostitution, Demonic Satanic, Criminal pedophile Hells Angels, Satanic Pedophile Bikers, cover ups, lies and deceits.  It should be known, Prince was never involved with any of that, He was raised a Christian  and knew better, and he has a fervent hatred for “pedophile Satan,” “the pedophile government” and “pedophile bikers”  but he did witness or hear about all of their crimes and acts being committed. Sadly this story takes another gut wrenching turn, since The Prince was around them, so much,  he knew what they did,  and they did not like that . They repeatedly- “Threatened him with retaliation!” (Obviously) That caused Prince to “Politely” remove himself from all of those situations and he decided to  focus on his own life, marriage, children and a family. (without these weirdos.)

It would soon come to pass;  that a person, close to them, was “introduced” to Prince.  They “set him up” with an woman who had a very bad story of her own.  That dramatic relationship, began a long and winding road to failure for Prince. Another bad relationship, then another bad relationship came about.  Each with its own unique set of failures, and each had earmarks of the first failure.  Where they Princes fault? No-not entirely, as he was just a (minor) and  barely coming into adulthood- while still trying to correct the State of California’s “screw up”  and he was forced to be putting himself through High School at 17, 18 and 19 years old.  As you remember the (State)- “illegally”- removed him from his family,  (even though, (HE) did “volunteer” for that,) (“They should have known better!”)  As a result- they did not let him graduate. they “stifled his maturity” and sent him down a long and winding road, that he did not want to go down. 

Yes, the “State of California,”  accepted responsibilty for him, when the hired a (Minor) and moved him from home. They were  responsible for  him graduating and his entire life.  They made no efforts, to see him graduate. So The Young Prince was forced to do it himself, while supporting himself and a girlfriend. As a result of his age, and “Incomplete education,” he ultimately failed: Prince continued into one relationship after another, searching for a “Normal person.” that was not affected by the government, drugs, alcohol, sex crimes or any other problem. He wanted a girl with a clean slate, “That was not harmed and that would not cause him harm”  and one that was not broken!  Sadly, the reality of that was: In the 1990s, an “unbroken” person was almost “non-existent,” just as it is today,  Almost every person he met (his age)  seemed to be broken  (in one way or another.)- That fact,  did not help Prince at all.  He “wandered and wandered,” “looking high an looking low,” “over the hills,” “mountains and valleys” “thorough the oceans and streams,”  “He found nothing but broken women (all his age.)” 

Prince was born “extremely intelligent,” and just like his mother, “enjoyed intelligent conversations with “MATURE” persons.” So he searched in age groups “OLDER”  than himself!  It was in that age group, he met a couple of women, but they too were broken. So now what does he do? Prince wants a wife, family and children and house with horses, birds, fish, cats and dogs-  but every woman he meets seems to have lots of issues. How does he solve this mathematical equation? 

Prince began to analyze this situation and around  1996, he moved to another city,  Where he started  a magazine and became pretty well known , but alas, This new city he moved to, “turned out to be one of the worst locations ever!”   It was the state capitol of Sacramento, California. It  had more “drugs” and “crime” “prostitutions” and “organized government criminals”  than any of the other places he been so far… After being threatened by several cults, fake churches and government officials, The Prince was forced to retreat back to the drawing board.  He moved again and again and again-  now instead of a “Normal Wife, he was simply searching for a “Normal City” to live in!   A city without problems, (This new issue, certainly meant life was getting more challenging. for the Young Prince) This  caused him to “{pause}” and to “re-think his situation.”    He asked himself Questions:   “WTF” is going on here?”   “All of the women are screwed up,” “All of the men are screwed up,” “All of the city’s are screwed up.”  The young Prince began to wonder… “WAS HE SCREWED UP TOO?  Were all the others normal? and he was the crazy one? Could that be the case?  Was he crazy? After lots of research and studies “Thankfully” he “Realized” it was not him!  It was in fact, “The world” in which we live in, that was “causing everyone to be messed up,” “lie,” “cheat,” “steal” and be “dishonest”!   Where did it all come from?  Prince discovered,  It was at the top in Washington dc and the Pentagon.    But, somehow – that seemed to be to easy of an explanation.. upon further reflection it became evident that it was a “combination” of all the peoples “bad choices” and the “worlds bad choices” (combined)  and then if you add the horrible “leaders and governments” who are all screwed up themselves, on top of all that, well that’s just  the “icing on the cake.” “Game over, done deal.” “Everyone is screwed.”  

Welp, as you may have guessed, Prince moved again and again, Although he had not found a woman or lady to marry that was normal- he did have a few relationships… Did they have Family- Verbal  Spouse Abuse and Violence ? well lets put it this way… Prince is a gentle loving, caring, kind, sweet, heartfelt, sincere, romantic who buys flowers cards and candy and lays his jacket over a mud puddle, he opens doors says please and thank you greets everyone with a smile and is positive and uplifting as it gets.. He is a great leader, mentor and father. 

Did the women in these relations abuse him?  “Just like Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp?”  “Yes they did- and all of them.” Did they blame him? “Yes they did and all of them,”  They “lied,” “cheated” and “stole from him,” They “beat and abused him.” “Physically and mentally.”  Did he just sit there and take it? Prince is from a Royal-family  No! he did not just sit there and take the abuse.. He eventually broke up with them and left…

So the bottom line is this: No matter how hard or bad things are You are not stuck, You are not trapped, You are loved, and someone does love you, just get up and move, you don’t need permission to leave- just leave. Lock the door, change the locks and go…  poof your problems will be over…

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Hours: 24/7. Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service 
National Sexual Assault Hotline
Hours: Available 24 hours 

It should be know Prince is from  multiple Royal family lines.  That include Royal Knights, Kings and Queens. 

One of the very first rules is this: “YOU WALK AWAY FROM VIOLENT PEOPLE.” They are stupid, and do not know that you are highly trained, 

and or you let them walk away give them a chance to leave,  But by no means should you let them hurt you! 

Its funny, how people love to cause problems “on all levels,” then (reverse) it on, those who try to walk away. hmmmmm sound familiar???

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