Who do you Trust?

Who do you Trust? We suppose that is the Million Dollar Question. But What is the Answer?

For many centuries people have followed and trusted their Grandparents. Dating back to 5000 BC.  All of the Kings and Queens have LITERALLY been Your grandparents (or) The GRANDCHILDREN of those grandparents.  But did you know that over time, some characters have been so slick, manipulating and conning in their ways that they used their forked tongues or took the thrones by brut force? 

Do you know what that means? That means that you have not been led by your grandparents, or your family. YOU WERE ROBBED! You were cheated, from being raised the correct way. Your Grandparents (I.E.) Prince Jordan, would have and could have protected you!  But alas, somehow these other people slid into positions to dominate people, to rule countries that they were never meant to rule.  ONLY A GRANDPARENT SHOULD BE RULING! -(But not just any grandparent) “it must be a “Qualified” Grandparent- who is not a liar, con artist, scam artist criminal or anything else inside him, deep inside him or has anything planted in him at all. 

You see even though someone may be a “candidate,” DOES NOT mean that they are “Qualified.”  That is an entirely different subject. The Term “Qualified” is sort of a tricky word. It has many meanings for many different things. How does one become “Qualified”? to rule  a country?

First: You must be of Royal Blood. and Royal Family

Second: You must be intelligent.

Third: You must love and adore ALL your grandchildren with ALL of your heart, mind, body and soul. 

Because if you fake any of those things, it will show like Night an Day! You will be chewed up and spit out,  by 15 Billion people just like what has been happening to certain persons in positions of power. 

You see the Kings, of yesteryear, all had children. Sometimes, they “skipped over” those children and elected their grandchildren to be the Next, King or Queen. Why? Because they were simply more “Qualified.” (ENTER ) Prince Jordan! He is the most “Qualified” in his entire family line. and Everyone knows it.  Which is why they, you and Everyone else fights so hard, to keep him down. Because YOU KNOW HE IS A “QUALIFED” GRANDPARENT! 

oh and PS Your experiment is a waste of time and a joke! But we believe one of our grandchildren told you that in the 1960s!

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