Why do people like to watch Prince?

Prince is what some might call and have called him an: “Anomaly.” Others have said he is an “National” or “International Treasure.” People in “West Hollywood,” California  have even labeled him an: “Adonis.”  But, how about “Gods-Gift?”  (lol)   We went to far with that one?  (lol) Ok so be it.  But you get the point right?  He is Legit! He is litty! He is the Real thing! 


As you may have guessed, he is not exactly an: “Average Guy.”  (His looks?) Well, those are “Above Average.”  (However) His Golden, personality is an A+++.  This Majestic Royal is “very fun to be around” and “everyone enjoys his company.”   That being said: “Why is everyone so interested and intrigued with him?” Glad you asked- You see  If  Prince was good enough for: “100 Billion views” on “TV,” the “Internet,” “Magazines” and “Newspapers” Do you think people might be drawn to him just a little bit?  or Perhaps it is because: His family are some of the most “Legendary Royals in World History?” Either way: to see Prince in action all you have to do is turn on the TV. and (If) you had watched the most famous Music video of 2016, 2017, 2018  by: “The Weeknd!”  “I cant feel my face.,” or “Late Night with John Oliver,” “Astroturf” Episode.  Then, you might have seen him and would  know- that he works very hard to bring Royal Justice, to the world and (that is putting it lightly!) 

Even the US Govt trembles at his knowledge-(Not a joke!)  but then, they should be trembling.  As he has thousands of years of : “Ancient” Wisdom and training in his blood. “You cannot fool the tree, that you came from.”   His family is full to the Top- with “Major Historical persons.”  But, is Prince a Major Historical Person himself ? Yes- he kind of is- although,.-sadly, there are some “Ancient” obstacles he has to overcome (Like Ancient haters.).  While he does “Qualify,”  many persons have already “set out to cause him distress and harm.” and to ensure he does not rise to his full potential. 

What is His full Potential? His family are all Royalty!   He is your “Great-Grandfather” or (at least one of them!)  or in the Alternate, he is the closest Royal, that you will probably ever meet. THAT FACT BY ITSELF: (IS HIGHLY EMBARRASING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO STOP OR CAUSE HIM HARM!)  WHY?   (lol) nothing like stopping your Grandpa huh?  (ROTFLMAO!)  and then trying to lie about it!  We can assure you, they are not going to win any awards for that one and some are even on their way to jail as we speak.


Why is all of  that so amazing?  Because: there are only (10,000) “Great-Grandfathers” in the world, that descend from “William the Conqueror” and “King Rollo Norman De-Clifford.”  They are “The Grandfathers of all the Grandfather’s.” That direct line comes from: “Moses,” “Jesus,” “King David,” “The Pharoahs,” “Egypt” and “Africa.” 

We will say that again: He is “One in 10,000!”  That is a very Big-Deal! That means; When you walk down the street, you will most -likely; never see another person like him in your lifetime.  Yes, he does stand out. Yes, he does catch everyone’s attention. Do you know why? Because he is the direct line to all of the Royal Families. He is litterally Ancient. 

 He is also, (His Royal Majesty- Lord Edward Crouchbacks Great-Grandson.)  and there are only 8,000 “surviving” “direct family members left.” Who is Lord Edward?  He is King Henry III son, he was the “Last” founding member of “The Plantagenet Houses.” So on one hand: Prince is (One in 10,000) and on the other hand he is (One in 8,000.) Now, divide that by, 15 Billion people and see what percentage he is.   YUP!!! He is kind of a big deal!


Want more?  How bout “Queen-Elizabeth I,”  is truly responsible for him being born;  (IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!) Now divide that number!  YEAH! YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND ANOTHER PERSON LIKE HIM ON EARTH! 


we will leave you with that for now, there is more coming soon…. keep this blog locked in to get all updates.

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