The Royal Music Awards

Prince is not just a King, (which he is) but he is also a Royal Knights family and several of them. Every King and Queen throughout History, has many important duties. including approving, verifying and triple checking each and every detail about everyone, everything and every product known to man. (Including man himself.) This means the: "REAL" ROYALTY must be very diligent and efficient. These skills only come from thousands of years of hard work. and they do not need any computer or lame manipulative science person telling them how it works. THEY ALREADY KNOW! and within seconds not days, months or years,. seconds... (Unlike the stupid men and governments of today, who somehow came into positions of power) "The Royal Family" earned every bity of it, and it shows!

The Royal Music Awards or (R.M.A) awards are similar to royal warrants and christenings that the Kings and Queens used to give to persons whom were deemed "Qualified" to serve the Royal Family. That is (One) of the many ways they protected you. You see when royalty gives their "seal of approval" it is 100% legit and official. The title for this sort of action is called a- "Royal warrant." That means it is approved, by the "most high" and "most skilled authority" on the planet. Which means you do not have to question it- (and you should not either! ) because they have been doing this for thousands of years and it is beyond yours and everyone's comprehension; as to why they do what they do and why they select the things they select. At the end of the day, its all for your safety. Trust us when we say, they are always right, they are always correct and even if they are wrong, there is SENIOR members of the Royal Family like Prince Jordan coming up behind them and putting the other Royals in place and correcting them. So "DO NOT QUESTION THEM" just pay attention and listen!!!

Prince Jordan and Music.

Believe it or not, one of Prince Jordan's very first music experiences, was in Elementary school. During a "live show," a “Real Horse” that could “Stomp” to the beat of a hit song entitled: “Another One Bites The Dust.” was brought in Next, his very first music “Purchase” was from a thrift store- at just 9 years old. He bought an 8 track by the "Commodores." Although “obsolete” he had an device at home, that played these ancient cassettes.” Little Prince Jordan’s favorite song was:Night Shift.” Since that purchase went over well, he began to amass a very large collection of Records, 45’s, LP’s, Hard Disk, Picture Disks, 78’s and CD’s and Cassette Tapes. (Which includes some of the rarest records in the world.) By age 21, his collection totaled more than 20,000 individual albums and “IF” he had kept them all; today would be worth well over “One million dollars.” Prince researched and studied all of the albums, music and styles. From the beginning of the “Big Band Era” to “Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe” and even “Present day singers.” His knowledge in the music industry, and of music; is one of the many reasons he is more than Qualified to bring you these selections and titles from his own personnel collection. (note) Being "Royalty" One of Prince Jordan's responsibilities is to investigate everything to ensure quality. During his Magical Musical journey- Prince was involved with many singers both; (Romantically and Professionally) on stage and off. He worked with Radio-Stations and Producers, writing, recording and producing music. Later, he was employed by three record companies (including) one "superstar label" he collected as a child -"The Motown Records family." NOW sit back, relax and enjoy the music. "PRESS PLAY" While listening, look at the pictures, artwork and videos on this site or blast these songs in your car. We will be adding podcasts and updates. "Stay Tuned"- "Keep it locked" right here. You never know what surprises Prince Jordan will come up with next...

“Prince does not show favoritism, He loves all artist and all genres!”

In Matthew 26:30 Jesus and his disciples “sing a hymn.” Jesus gives music a passing mention in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:25). He hears some music in Matthew 9:23. But he never evaluates it positively or negatively! Jesus does give (Constructive Advise)  throughout the entire bible, in regards to singing  to  (Your King!!!)  

“Semper Eadem!” – “Always the Same! “\