The Powerful Aldrich Family

Prince Jordan had two “Step-fathers.”  Mr. Aldrich was one of them. He was a Violent drunkard and womanizer. Who cheated on both of his wives. Regardless, Prince was partially raised by the Aldrich family. Some of them are good and some are bad, unfortunately his were not the good ones. 


The “Aldrich family” does  include  (The Rockefellers)  they are  now actually (THE ALDRICH Family!)   Winthrop Aldrich , Senator Nelson Aldrich Vice President Aldrich and almost every portion of the white house washington, congress senate and other.. here is a list of Prince Jordan’s family as it relates to the Aldrich’s. 

Business career

Winthrop  Aldrich served as president and chairman of the board of Chase National Bank from 1930 to 1953. He served as commodore of the New York Yacht Club from 1932 to 1934. In 1946, his nephew David Rockefeller joined Chase National Bank and would later become the chairman. During and after World War II, as president of the British War Relief Society and the National War Fund Inc., he supported relief efforts and financial assistance to the United Kingdom and Europe. For this work he received the King’s Medal for Service in the Cause of Freedom[5] and in 1947 was invested by King George VI as an honorary Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire (GBE).[1]

U.S. Ambassador to the U.K.

On February 2, 1953, he was appointed the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He presented his credentials on February 20, 1953, and remained in London while Winston Churchill was Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth II was the reigning monarch, until his mission was terminated on February 1, 1957.[6] He belonged to and served on the boards of many charitable organizations.

Marilyn (Aldrich) Mortenson-Monroe & Winthrop Aldrich

Additionally:  George Aldrich on Mendon, who was son of George and who was son of William married Mary Chase. Mary Chase’s lineage is to John Bourchier 1st Earl of Bath. They have direct decendancy from and to Edward IV and Richard III as well as Edward II and Isabel. Furthermore to Edward I, Longshanks. 


The ancestors of George Aldrich are not clearly established as yeomen but assume that they were according to the available sources. However, information referring to the Boston Evening Transcript, Query No. 2480, 3 Feb., 1932 stated:

George Aldrich, born in Derbyshire, Eng. was the son of George Aldrich of London, Eng., tabloted in Cheam Church “Descendant of William Aldrich of Norfolk who married Mary, daughter of Isabella of France and Edward II of England.”

Isabella was a daughter of Philip IV of France and sister of Charles IV. George Aldrich came to New England in 1631. 1644 lived at Braintree. His will dated at Mendon, Mass., Nov. 2, 1682 and proved April 26, 1683.

We therefore conclude that most evidence available indicates George Aldrich was not of armorial descent; however, do keep in mind the above information and decide for yourself if you wish to display a coat-of-arms.

From: George Aldrich Genealogy, Service Press & Litho Co.,Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1971

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Bailiff of Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England, under the reign of 

King Edward IV.

  • 1469: Robert Basset, William Aldryche.
  • 1475 John Russe, William Aldryche

Under the reign of

 Henry VII

  • 1486 William Aldrych, William Watson
  • 1506 Thomas Banyard, William Aldrych

Depending upon when William Sr. died, some or all of these were his son also named William.

Charles John Palmer, The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, Vol. I, p. 108

William Aldrich was first bailiff in 1468. His grandson, Alderman Thomas Aldrich of Norwich, who “lyeth buried in our Lady’s chapel in St. Michael’s church at ye plee, had sixteen children. He was the ancestor of the Aldrichs of Norwich, and Mangreen in Norfolk. They bore or. a fesse vert, charged with a bull passant arg.



The Norwich Library has a historical section in which documents referring to the Aldridges can he found. Some ancient wills are on file there, and the “Mayors of Norwich” by Cozens, Hardy and Kent, which contains information (exceprts)

 The coat of arms is authenticated in The Visitations of Norfolk. A trip to St. Clements Church, close to the Tourist Office, is very worthwhile. The Aldridges apparently attended church and were buried there. The Aldrich home, now the Labor Exchange, is next door to the church. Over the doorway are the dates of John’s terms as Mayor of Norwich in the 1500’s. On the other side of the church is a tavern, which was formerly the home of another mayor, Alexander Thurston, who married John Aldrich’s daughter. The mantelpiece in the tavern is the original one from the home and bears on one side the merchant’s seal of the owner, on the other the Aldrich (later Aldridge) coat of arms, which is a “fess vert, bull passant”. The coat of arms is very simple. I am told that the older the coat of arms, the simpler. As more and more people were declared eligible, the coats of arms became more complicated so they would be distinctive.





The change from Aldrich to Aldridge in the 1500’s is easily explained since Norwich is pronounced Norridge. Aldrich obviously went the same way. The spelling change, as you can see, appeared in 1553.

Quotes from Cozene, Hardy and Kent: The Mayors of Norwich, 1403-1835

Thomas Aldrich, a draper, was sheriff in 1497 and mayor in 1507 and 1516. During both years of his mayorality he went to London on city business. His merchant’s mark (dated 1510) is recorded by Ewing. His father and grandfather, each named William, had been bailiffs of Yarmouth.

They Also Served Under King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I