Prince choice of  associations or partnerships- “does not predict- any favoritism!”  “Quality” and Qualifications”  are all he is concerned with.  (Just as all his royal grandparents have done before him.)

Comedy Team Executive:  /Johnny “Quinn” Creal:  Is a Heavy Weight devout Christian and Jehova’s Witness. He has spent many years as a stand up comedian, business influencer, motivational speaker  and entertainer. 

Security Team #1. Elite Body Guard and protection services / Mister Muscles. We  utilize “multiple” “personal protection” services. (Elite is just one of them.) Mister Muscles himself is not only a body guard, but a very talented devout and hard-hitting Christian artist. He has worked for Barron Hilton, Motown Records and many other celebrities.

Larry Winn: Radio Station owner for over 40 years in Los Angeles. He is a Devout Christian and fully practices what he preaches. His hit radio show –“Mellow Sounds,”  recently celebrated its “900th radio episode.” 

Record Label Owner  / Della Danger 

Danger Zone Records and Star Struck Entertainment. Is a mammoth of  a man. Della is a Jamaican artist / producer that follows the Christian and JAH faith of his culture.  As evidenced by the Cross he is wearing in this photo.


Jerk Alert /  Jamaican BBQ Chicken Trucks. Ready to come and serve your event or Productions needs.

 Everyone knows Prince Jordan Tysons Family: They still walk with him, and that is not a joke!