Welcome to The Queens private families.

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Prince Jordans real last names are: Aldrich, Loftus, Littlefield, Clifford. (each one is his immediate grandparent in 2021.)   Prince is the “all-male-line”  to each one of them!   So  who are these families?  We are happy you asked…

The Littlefield, Loftus, Aldrich and Clifford  families- can be found in almost every corner of the Royal-Family-Trees.  But why are they so special? – Well for one, they are “The-Queens-families.” Everything about them is special! Queen-Elizabeth I, personally adored each one of them. She kept them all very close to her at all times.  Lets put this in perspective: If she were still alive today,  Prince-Jordan would be working for her, because he is a “combination” of all of her “best-friends” put together.  Yes she is also, Prince-Jordan’s Aunt. YES, Prince-Jordan would not be here without His-Aunt-Queen Elizabeth I.  She kept all these families together.  (As a result they married and joined houses and in the 20th century, Prince was born.) *Note: Prince-Jordan is the: “All-Male-Line”  to each of these families.    {Royal Rules:}  (1.) Nobody! Gets next to a King or Queen with out being 100% verified or qualified.  (2.) You must be family.  (3.) You must be trusted with the King and Queens privacy, responsibilities and duty’s.


All of the family names below  (A.) Received “Royal-Warrants” from Queen Elizabeth I. (b.) They all were “Blessed” by Queen Elizabeth I. (C.)  They all were “Christened” by Queen Elizabeth I

“Littlefield” Family: 

The Littlefield family have served under:  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I,  in many capacities. The Litttlefields, are  of the most trusted names in the Royal-family. Edmund Littlefield:  Christeined by Queen Elizabteth I, June 27, 1593. Richard Littlefield: Christened by Queen Elizabeth I. Tichfield England.


“Clifford” Family:

30 Generations of  Actual – Royalty.  Serving as Royal leader and serving in many other capacities with; Kings and Queens. The Clifford’s are the most trusted name in Royalty-Family history. Barron’s, Parliament, Knights, Lords, Queens-Courtier and more.  Family Role is: The  Queens-Great- Grandparents.



“Loftus” Family:

Archbishop Adam Loftus was:  The Head of Church, Lord Chancellor of Ireland and Queen-Elizabeth I,  Best Friend. Other Loftus family roles Under Queen Elizabeth I,. Were;  Knight, Captain of Irish Army, Bishop and more… Archbishop-Adam-Loftus and Sir-Thomas Loftus. of Rathfarnam Castle and the Abbey at Essex castle. The abbey was given to Sir Thomas Loftus by King James I.  12-12-1610. All of them were / are family of Queen Elizabeth I. 

Loftus Family Reading

“Aldrich” Family: 


(17) generations of  English / British Mayors/ Sherriff / Baliff’s / Vicars. Recently of Norwhich and York. Serving under Queen Elizabeth I and Parliament. Queen Mary, Princess Mary, and King Henry. (In the (1900s) The-Rockefeller-family and the The-Aldrich-Family. married and joined houses.  This includes: Vice-President Aldrich, Senator-Nelson-Aldrich, (Abby Abagail Aldrich -John D. Rockefellers wife)\ Winthrop Aldrich. and Politician Sam Aldrich.


There is also Another Family name of Weiss or Weese!