Lets assume that you do not know who “LORD EDWARD CROUCHBACK”  is.  He is  (one) of King Henry III son’s.  Now the special thing about “Lord-Edward” is that while 99% of the world population is from his brother:  King-Edward!   Only a small percentage of the world is from “Lord-Edward”


How is that Possible?

“King-Edward” had (twenty Children). while “Lord-Edward”  only had (two) children.  Times that by 1,000 years (compounded).  Those (20) children became millions upon millions.


“Lord-Edwards”  (two-children), became hundreds and hundreds.  Currently  there are  approx. 8,000 descendants. of “Lord-Edward-Crouchback.”



So why does this matter?

Because, if you are like Prince-Jordan  you are from an very exclusive Royal-family line. That only 8,000 people on the planet are part of.  “Lord-Edward”  IS  King-Henry-III- son.  He is a “PLANTAGENET!”  and he started the “House-of-Lancaster” for the Plantagenet-family.  “Lord-Edward” was the humble son, who was offered the chance to be King, but turned it down. His brother on the other Hand “King-Edward” became a very large King, 


“Lord-Edward” was nicknamed “Crouchback”  which means:  “Cross-Back.” They said he got that nickname because,  He was the only person /  “Plantagenet” worthy of wearing a giant-red-cross on his back. Which he did every day. 



There is Peace-in-this-message!      

Stay Humble…. “LIL’ – PLANTAGENETS!”