"I said No to a wedding!"

As many people dream of marrying a Prince or Princess, well you literally, have to look no further than right here. The only problem is: Prince is way more than that.  As some of the writings suggests, by amount of  blood and  DNA,  he is rightfully considered one of the highest ranking royal family members in history.

Prince’s:  Great-Aunt: “Queen Elizabeth I” nand His Great: Uncle “King Henry 8th”, (both) had severe and very serious “reservations” with “spouse-occupied-positions.” Why? because the partner you select, becomes everyones grandparent and mentor. That position is not a joke, and those skills are something that can  only be handed down over thousands of years. 


(Just like his family) Prince has said: “NO” to several women; “candidate-spouses.”  Why would he do that?   As he explains:  “When you are of a “certain blood line or reach a certain level of success, you would be surprised at the tricks and games people (including governments) like to play.  Some of those women, illegally-entered or were sent into my life and proposed to me.”

Is he arrogant? NO!  He is your Grandfather. There is no room for arrogance in his position. Prince is very sweet, humble and down to earth. He loves all of his Grandchildren, very much.  As Prince states: “He does not tolerate “Set Ups” “DNA Scams,” “Arranged or Fixed- Relationships” or “Government-Fraud!  *NOTE* “By “Family D.NA” “He outranks all governments!”

The Royal-Family has been taught “very sensitive” sets of rules and laws for thousands of years. Prince Jordan has turned down many women and yes even men. (because he is straight) Yes, he does have a very large responsibility, but he does love everyone.