The Clifford Family are the founders and / or co-founders  of Parliament. They came up with or co-created the idea, invented the idea, formed the idea and / or instituted all facets of said ideas. The Parliament; is the highest ranking. It sits above the government and all respective agencies.   

Prince Jordan is a Clifford.  

His family have all  been employed by Parliament. 

Including: The Clifford,  Aldrich, Loftus, and Littlefield families.


(NOTE*) The Clifford’s- are descendants of:  “King David and Abraham.” via-MULTIPLE family lines. 

 The Origin of the Clifford’s: is Iceland, Norway, France AND possibly Denmark.

 Later, they moved to England- as Royalty.  They are the “Highest Ranking House.” 

and  “Grandfathers to all European-Royal and Non- Royal -families.”