"The  Real Prince and Princess."

Since the beginning of time, boys and girls alike,  have all wanted to marry a Prince or Princess. Such a fairytale dream, right? Well, it is actually not a fairytale-  it is very real for some people. In fact, it is very real for Prince and the girls that he has dated (including) his daughters mothers.  (Yes) he does have a couple of children from a high school sweetheart. But, that is another story. What we are talking about today, is that His Majesty, is in fact searching for a bride to be…

Since 2015,  he has been single and working on his career. He has gone on several dates, including several “Interviews” with very many celebrities, including a  close friend of Paris-Hiltons-parents.  Who calls herself  “Paris-Aunt.”  Because as she stated: “She helped to raise Paris!” (Whatever her relationship does not matter.)

But just as an example,  Paris-Aunt,  was  “considering and coaching” and possibly, helping Prince to be Paris-Hiltons spouse, (prior to her new boyfriend) “abusing his money” “paying off,”  various “illegal organizations” (including the us govt) to sabotage Princes “Scheduled” interview with the Hilton family at their house.) 




Regardless:  These are just some of the games people play, when you are the level Prince is at. This should come as no surprise as: Prince-family and the Hilton-family used to be married about 500 years ago.  The “De-Clifford’s” and the “De-Hiltons.” they both helped each other to great success. 

It is no secret the us govt hates Prince and his family. As Prince Jordan’s family are comprised of people who wrote, “always obeyed” and followed the “rules and laws.”  

The us government and pentagon, are the exact opposite.  they are the ones who never followed the royal family laws  or any laws for that matter and that’s why the got kicked out of  Europe.  

 Why did Prince say “no” to Marriage when he was proposed to?

Because: He does not tolerate dishonesty “on any level.” and after thousands of years, he can literally smell dishonesty



The “photo samples in this article, are just “some” of the “Nice-Women” that Prince Jordan has: “spent time with”  (or) “dated.”  But, which one of these photos is the real Princess?  Well Prince has never been the type to kiss and tell, and he never will be.  Regardless:  Prince Jordan  will tell you has been on “dates” with “several” “notable women. Which only proves- He is not motivated by “money or power.” but instead,  he is looking for a: “QUALIFIED” and  “QUALITY ”  Lady  or Woman.  Just like all of his  royal family. 


But what we can tell you is that: Prince did in fact date a real Princess. at one point, and that while the two were amazing, together, Prince Jordan’s responsibility, still is the people and ensuring he selects the very best woman to be your “Great-Grandmother.” Yes, she must be a good leader, good wife and good mother in order to have his children. and that is not a joke. (keeping in mind) “Duty First” and that the lucky lady he chooses, or will never choose, will be your Great-Grandmother someday. The children they have, will ensure the line of succession continues.