“Marilyn Monroe and Prince Jordan Tyson!”


Prince loves all women very much.  (Especially)… “Mature women”  who can compete with him on a “mentally challenging and intellectual level!”  However, the irony in this impersonation of Marilyn seemed to fall into place, as the Actress  “jumped onto Prince”  “un-announced” and asked him for a photo.  (*Note) The real Marilyn is one of Prince Jordan’s cousins.  Since that is a public information, he had a duty and was happy to oblige. This is a very innocent and cute photo. (Future note) The “fully dressed versions” of Marilyn Monroe  in “business attire” are a-lot more appreciated!!!   The outfit she is wearing is the FOX Television version of Marilyn.   But, regardless, this is a cute photo and this Impersonator had a very cute smile.  From this Photo, You might think she felt comfortable – just like every else does, around the Prince!!!  (Pictures are worth a thousand words!)  (Actress / Model) Holly Beavon has starred in hundreds of music videos with Madonna and many other celebrities.

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