against the suns

Princes Grandfather (that partially raised him,) is “Navy legend.”  Gene Aldrich.  He  made headlines all over the world in 1940s’ When he rescued his superior and the entire crew.   A book was written in 1940s called “THE RAFT” by author Robert Trumbull. It has been published (twelve) times since then, and most recently in 2020.  A Hollywood feature film was recently made, based on this book. Entitled: “Against the Sun.” The actors from Harry Potter played Princes Grandpa and his Uncle.  A Monument was built and dedicated to them and placed at  the “National Naval Aviation Historical Museum”  in  1945. Prince does has producer credits on the movie as: “TJ Aldrich.”

colorado rockies

In the years of 1992-1993 Prince worked for “Major-League-Baseball” in Denver, Colorado. (Mile High Stadium) His immediate job was “Executive-Assistant” to “Directors-of-Security.” Since this was a brand new team, he was  recruited by multiple-persons (within) the organization to do various other jobs including “Executive” work and  “Stadium management.”

senior enterouge

Prince was cast and hired to be a part of this production, starring (Actor)  “Ed Asner.”  and Prince almost locked in “Dick Van Dyke”  for one of these roles, until he was forced to not include Mr. Van Dyke.