“Semper Eadem” – “Coat of Arms!”

“Royal-Coat-of-Arms” This is the personal “Coat of Arms” of  Prince Jordan.   It Proudly Represents:  “France,”  “Ireland,”   “England” and many more countries. Even though you may be from the same family as Prince,  you are a different person. (at least we hope you are!) The same should be true with your “Coat of Arms.” It represents and identifies (you) as a “person” or  “different person” within the family line.  It is legal to use (your) families “Coat of Arms” (however) using the (exact same one) is limited; to your children. (For-Example:)  The “Son” or “Daughter” of  Prince Jordan:  (ONLY THEY) (can use the above Arms as their own!)  (However) Legally- (IF) they do-  There needs to be a “label” sometimes called “lambel” placed on it.   That “Label” needs to go across the top, to show you are the “same family” but you are a completely “different person.” Google (Heraldry label)   But if Prince had a house such as the “House of Lancaster”, “House Of Tudor” or “House of Plantagenet!” You (employee) could use this “Coat of Arms” with a label,  because you represent the King.

(Looking at the above picture)- Notice- there are several “layers” that go in to making one of these. Sure it is pretty to look at, But this particular arms, is alot more complicated than you think it is.  (For Example)  Prince family are (Royalty to the third power.)

His family have ruled many “Successful” countries and still do today.  That means this Coat of Arms, needs to reflect their achievements, it also needs to combine the talents, Prince Jordan brings to the table. (like a resume.) With this “Coat of Arms”  you can see at just a “Quick-look,” this family are definitely not a joke. They have ruled almost every European state and country and in fact; they have ruled almost every country in the world.

Except”  for the states of america.  (Which is a blessing in itself and proof that God does answers prayers!)

Prince family have led and ruled all the: “SUCCESFUL COUNTRIES!” That should tell you, all you need to know right there!  Why? Because his family have led with  “extreme and very blunt “Honesty,” “Loyalty,” “Truth” “Integrity,” “Faith,” “Love,” “Kindness,” “Compassion,” Family” and “Purity” for well over fifty generations.  But, make no mistake:  You are all free and alive because of his family and that did not happen by accident!


“Personal meaning and history” Golden Harp: (Symbol of Ireland.) Prince is the “Male line” to “Archbishop Adam Loftus. Many of Prince family have “successfully” ruled Ireland.  His Grandfather Littlefield and  Grandfather Henry Keane are both from Ireland. His Grandfather John and Thomas Stanley were Kings of Ireland, as well as Aunt- Queen Elizabeth I. The most recent Clifford family left Ireland in (1850.) Henry Keane left in 1950 to be a Pastor in america. (Diocese- San Diego.) {Until} discovering america “attacked his Grandson.”  He and his wife; “Lois Clifford”  “Moved close to Prince.” To  protect him from the attacks. (IE) (Dates they moved near Prince) (vs) Dates of what happened to Prince. They were extremely educated (in fact) they had several doctorates.  They knew what was happening to him.


“Personal meaning and history

Kings-Crowns. Grandpa-“William The Conqueror!” 

Gold Knights- Close Helm and Face bars. Uncles King Henry VII, VIII and Aunt Queen Elizabeth I.

Holy-Cross–Holy-Star-(mullet).On-Lions-Torso,  (Grandpas) Archbishop Adam Loftus & Pastor William Brewster. 

Knights of The Garter Belt. Prince has many family who are Knights. Approximately 100 of them are Royal Knights of the Garter. 

Ruby and Pearl.  Ruby is Prince “Birth-Stone” and it is the “Favored-Gem”  of his  family- In the “House of Tudor.” QE-1 and KH-8

Gold “E” Is- Aunt -“Queen Elizabeth- I”  She is “directly responsible” for Prince being born.  During her rein, She kept his families (under her wings.) (They all worked for her.) a couple were sent to america, to watch over the prisoners. The rest followed and stayed friends for 300 years.

 “Semper Eadem” is his Aunts favorite saying!”

 “That is also Prince Jordan’s favorite saying!”

“Prince is literally built by: “Queen Elizabeth I” 

and destroyed by america!”

"The Blazon of Arms"

Atop the shield: an Orr Knight armour, Close-helm  and Orr face bars, gardant affixed thereto behind a ermine cottised with two ermine lengths- 3 separations each. running parallel. The ermine is strewn with black droplets attached thereto Dexter side a Gules Tudor Rose affixed thereto Sinister side a Gules Tudor Rose.  

The Shield: is  

Quarterly I Azure three fleur de lis,  

Quarterly II Gules three lions passant gardant in pale or armed and langued azure. 

Quarterly III Gules a harp or stringed Argent 

Quarterly IV Azure an Azure Boars head erased 

Orr, center piece of the quarters,  rests the lettter “E.” 

Orr shield: surrounded by The Garter Circlet /  Bottom of shield  and circlet are a Gules Ruby and Argent Pearl 


Crest: Upon the Orr Royal close- helm the imperial crown proper of  “William the conqueror,” above that a Gules wyvern passant gardant clutching another three pointed crown of “William the conqueror”  in pale or armed and langued.


Supporters: Dexter a crined lion rampant or imperially crowned proper, gorged with a mullet of six points affixed thereto his belly. Sinister a lion rampant gardant imperially crowned and gorged with an Argent cross affixed thereto his chest. 


Motto:  “Semper Eadem”-  it means: “Always the Same!”

Order Motto Garter belt: “Honi soit qui mal y pense!”  (Old french) 


Banner or ribbon compartment: Gold Emblazoned with the words “Semper Eadem!”

The reality is: as time has passed, the family’s have merged. and now the closest Real Royal Family is a Combination of the Tudors and Plantagenets!  But that is actually a Good Thing because it solves the Illegitimacy problem!  

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