Prince family are the “Knights-of-the-Garter.”  Formed by the “House of Plantagenet.” His family make up (two-thirds) of this organization.  To keep things simple, here are the “closest.”

 Founding members of the Royal Knights of the Garter are:  

(Great Uncle)  – Edward III  

(Great Uncle) – Edward the Black Prince  

(Great Cousin) Queen of Spain – Isabella of Castile!

(Grandfather)– Henry Plantagenet of Grossmont , 1st Duke of Lancaster 

(Grandfather) Edmund Plantagenet (Crouchback) –Earl of Lancaster 

(Great Cousin) Richard Plantagenet II of Bordeaux 

(Grandfather) -Sir Lewis Clifford 

(Great Uncle) – Thomas Plantagenet -Duke of Gloucester 

(Grandfather) Richard Fitzalan-Earl of Arundel 

Sir John Beaufort (Via) Lady Margaret Beaufort 

(Grandfather) Henry Plantagenet (KG) Henry 5th 

(Grandfather) Sir John Stanley 

John 7th Lord Clifford 

(Great Cousin) Sir William Stanley  

(Great Cousin) -Sir George Stanley 9th Baron Le Strange 

(Great Cousin) x2nd) – Arthur Tudor –Prince of Wales 

(Great Cousin and Great Uncle) King Henry (Tudor) VIII – Prince of Wales 

(Great Uncle) Sir Charles Brandon-(Duke of Suffolk) via KG8 Mary and Louix 12 daughter 

(Great Cousin) Sir Edward Stanley 1st Earl of Derby 

(Great FREIND!!!? ) Sir Thomas Boleyn Father of Anne Boleyn and Grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I.

(Great- ) Sir Henry Fitzroy- Duke of Richmond and Somerset Son of KG 8 

(Great-) King James V of Scotland. Father of queen Mary of Scots and nephew of KG 8 


(Grandfather) Henry Clifford – 1st Earl of Cumberland 

(Great Cousin) Edward Seymour – brother of Queen Jane Seymor – (via) The Wentworth’s 

(Great) Henry Fitzalan – 12th earl of Arundel (via) his aunt Lady jane Grey 

Henry Grey- Duke of Suffolk, father of lady jane Grey.  

Thomas lord Seymour- brother of Somerset.  

Henry II – King of France 

(Great-Uncle) George Clifford- 3rd earl of Cumberland 

William Wentworth- 2nd Earl of Strafford 

Robert Spencer 2nd earl of Sunderland.  

Thomas Wentworth 3rd earl of Strafford 

Charles Spencer 3rd earl of Sunderland, First lord of treasury 

Charles Spencer 3rd Duke of Marlborough 

Charles Watson –Wentworth 

George Spencer 4th Duke of Marlborough 

Edward Smith-Stanley 13th Earl of Derby 

(Great Relative) Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia (via) King David 

(Great Cousin) sabella of Castile 

(Grandmother) Lady Margaret Beaufort 

Elizabeth Princess of England (M) KH7 

Lady Fitzalan 

Margaret Countess of Richmond Daughter of john Beaufort Duke of Somerset (M) Edmund Tudor and was mother of Henry VII 


Additional Family members that are KG


Beginning with:   (Prince Jordan’s Grandfathers)

Geoffrey “Plantagenet

King Henry “Plantagenet” III. 

Lord Edmund Crouchback “Plantagenet

Henry IV, V, VI 

Henry VII, VIII, 

(Great-(Aunt)  “Her-Royal-Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I

***{ROYAL FAMILY } ***  House of Clifford / Stanley



His Royal Majesty: Thomas Stanley / “Baron-Stanley” ( 1405-1459)


His Royal Majesty: 

King Thomas Stanley, (1st Earl of Derby) (Lord king of Ireland) – (1435-1504)

George Clifford (3rd Earl of Cumberland) (Barron De-Clifford) (1558-1605)

(Grandfather(s) “Armor” (Photos Below)

(Cousin) James Stanley (7th Earl of Derby)


(Grandpa) “Henry (CLIFFORD} Stanley” (His mother) is: (Lady Margaret CLIFFORD)

Third succession Rule”  His Grandmother is:  (Queen Elizabeth I.)

His son is Grandpa- “George Clifford”  (photo Below)


(Cousin) Edward Stanley (1523) 

(Cousin) Edward Smith Stanley  (13th earl of Derby)  (1775-1851)

Henry Clifford,  (1st Earl of Cumberland)

(Cousin) Henry Stanley  (Earl of Derby) 1531-1593

(Cousin) John Clifford  (7th Barron-Clifford) 

Lewis Clifford

(cousin) Fredrick Stanley  (16th Earl-of-Stanley) (1841-1908)

(cousin) Edward Stanley  (17th Earl-of-Derby) / (1865)


Sir-Knight:  Thomas LeStrange  (Grandfather)

Sir-Knight:  Henry LeStrange

“Thomas-Fitzalan” (cousin) 

“Sir-Richard Fitzalan – {Earl of Arundel} (Grandpa)



House of Stuart

King James- (Duke of York) – later (King James of England / Scotland)

(wife Mary II (House of Stuart) – son of King Charles I

Henry Stuart- (Duke of Glouchester) – Son of Charles I


William III- (Prince of Orange) wife is Princess mary royal( Stuart) . 

Daughter of Charles I of England,

(Cousin) Charles II /  (Prince of whales) (King-of-Scotland) / (House of Stuart)

William 5th (Prince of Orange)


{Danish / Denmark (ROYALTY)

Christian IV –  (King of Denmark & Norway)    Member: “House of Oldenberg” 

Christian V –  (King of Norway and Denmark)  Son of: “Fredrick III Denmark”

(Cousin)  Victor the Bruce:  (9th Earl of Elgin)  (1849-1917)


{Germany} (ROYALTY)

(Cousin) Edward Prince of Whales (via) Princess  Mary Royal 



there are other names as well ..but will be added later