The Most Royal Nose in the World!

By Associated Press Writers

Everyone has a nose (at least we hope that you have one.)  If not that’s cool, your still awesome. A nose can make a big difference in helping to determine where your family comes from. (for example): British people- (for the most part)  Do have longer and more structured noses. Often they have a small bridge in the center.  (Another example): “Asians” have shorter and rounded noses with an “upward slope”  same thing with African Americans etc..

When different cultures and nationalities blend, mix and intermarry-  “certain body  features  change!”   One of the easiest identifying body features is the Nose. It can give you great clues as to what nationality a person might be.

For example: Lets look at “Prince Jordan’s Nose” in the  (Black and White) photo above. (See his Nose) ? Now look at  his Grandma “Loftus -Clifford’s”  Nose?  This is a very rare nose!  Nobody else in his or her family has that… (Except those two!) Yes she literally did  help raise him. All of the recent women in these photos did. Prince was raised by 10 women. Needless to say he loves and cares for women very much.

(Above) Queen Nefertiti  and  King Tuts nose 

So where did that shape of Prince and his Grandmas round, nose come from?  Only a few royal people have those… 

It is from the: “Egyptian and African” Royal families. Prince and his “Plantagenet family” are the direct-line of King David and the “Egyptian-Pharaohs.” Prince and his nose are some of the Ancient DNA, that still exists and is being reflected. It is Proof of his Egyptian an African traits. This photo is also one of the clues that, Prince inherited the “Loftus-Clifford” genes. (Its literally right there in your face.) (Another example): Lets look at “Mary Tudors” nose.  (Top  left)  Her nose is “short-rounded” with an “upward slope” and flare.

It is very similar to Prince and  is possibly the beginning of the re-birth of the changes, that Prince and His Grandmother got. (However) Oddly enough, The only place in Prince -family, that he can find his nose? Is his “Great-Grandma.” (photo above) her name is “Helen Ethel Loftus-Clifford.” She and Prince  are the only two in the  “Loftus- Clifford” family have the exact same  “Egyptian and African Pharaoh nose!”

OK! still not convinced? How about the photo of Queen Elizabeth-I?   (bottom of page) that  photo shows her with this same type of nose. “Rounded” with an “Upward slope.” 

Yes! (Queen Elizabeth-I) did have her paintings “photoshopped” as the artist was painting them. She was in-fact very beautiful in real life, and she was very English – British.  (However) it was important to her,  that the painted- photos / appear even more English and more British, than the painter could possibly express on canvas. Judging by the painting below, her nose was (possibly) round with an upward slope.  (Note) this is the “only” artist rendition that does show her with a round nose, all of the other paintings done by many artists, are far more structured noses.

Next, look at her sisters nose again. (Mary Tudor) (Top Left).  Queen Elizabeth more than likely had the same nose as her sister.  But then… Maybe we are  we just being too nosy!  lol  

Oh by the way…did you notice “Red Hair” on Queen Elizabeth and Prince Jordan’s mom?  hmmm. what could that mean?

Clues Clues Clues..(lol)… maybe we need to “snoop” around some more and see if we can “sniff” out.  Who Prince Jordan really is.. lol,, we can assure you, he truly is someone, and he is certainly no stranger to attention. lol